5 Things That I Should Probably Be Embarrassed To Own (But Do Anyway)

The Elfin Brooch from Lord of the Rings
See, now, it's mostly acceptable to have a movie replica of The One Ring because, I mean, the trilogy is called The Lord of the Rings and it was epic in the original sense of the word...

...but once we stray into Elfin Brooch territory, you start expecting a hidden Frodo shrine and homemade costumes, too.

A 9-year-old
Neopets account

Those are my Neopets. I think they've been dying of starvation for the past 7 or 8 years. I don't remember why they're in festive holiday clothing, but my Chia is named Quiffle and my Usul is named Achenga.

copies of Twilight and New Moon

And the shame that comes with the fact that I have read both of them. And Eclipse. And part of Breaking Dawn. For the record, I think they are terrible (but not as terrible as some people make them out to be). But, um, hello attractive movie cast.

An email address at @hellokitty.com

...which I justify with the interim period between when I switched from AOL to another internet service provider and when I signed up for a Gmail account. For saving my internet-dependent soul, Hello Kitty is my homegirl.

these vintage dress patterns

Because I have no idea how to use them to make the really cute dresses illustrated. I need more sewing experience.
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