As soon as all my sponsorships expire, I'm changing this blog's URL to

with the intention of communicating the following:
  1. See what look Sam is sporting today!
  2. Also, observe Sam as she looks for personal style, a cohesive educational path, and a self-actualized haircut!
  3. Also, observe the irony of her being Asian-American and squinty-eyed, because you can't tell if Sam is looking at things or not! Zing!
Because while I am still convinced that I was bred to be ornamental, and while this is still a chronicle of my attempts to get dressed, learning to grow up, and those beautiful college days, and while I am still self-centered, awesome, and unable to function without a creative outlet, "fazed-girl" does sound too much like the username of a softcore porn star a Livejournal circa 2001, and I've been using it for more than six years, which is way, way too long. I chose "fazedgirl" as my online identity when I entered my teens, so I, being fond of symbolic action, find it uncannily appropriate to let that name come to its end as my teenage years draw to a close.

Yes, this is going to kill all my internal links, my Google PageRank, SEO whatever whatever, and how deeply entrenched this blog is in search engines. But that's okay.

My name is Samantha, and I blog.

So any of you 2.5 readers who will still be sticking around, get ready for some (messy) changes come September 24, 2010.

I won't have any new posts until then, but in the meantime, my twitter and tumblr URLs will be changing in the next half hour.
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