notes, or I make no claims about this being a fashion/style blog.

On Sky Ferreira's "American Dream"
I came across it through Bella's tumblr. You ought to give it a listen.

On responses to "How are things?"
If neither you nor your fellow interlocutor is British, regardless of how you actually feel, "smashing" is generally an appropriate and unexpected response.

On staving off despair

It is unwise to time your media consumption so that you finish reading Never Let Me Go the same day you finish watching The Thin Red Line.

On Script Frenzy

I am going to try not to fail.*
*Since I am pledging to participate in Script Frenzy, (which, if you haven't heard of it and can't be bothered to click through, is like NaNoWriMo, but for scripts, screenplays, and graphic novels, instead of novels, and set in April, instead of** November), I'm not sure what's going to happen to the script I promised myself I would finish. I'll probably end up adding any new advances on it to my total page count, but I make no promises about posting any of it. Not that many of you will be bothered by that.

On reading about celebrities
I have resolved to stop reading and watching interviews of actors I like. They are just people, and I would rather just view their work, free from my judgment about what kind of people they are, than miss out on something great because I think Joseph Gordon-Levitt sounds pretentious in his interviews. (Which, okay, I think he does. But he was so terrible in Inception and so good in Brick and Mysterious Skin. I am conflicted.)

On my class notes from lecture

Sometimes I write enigmatic things like "Can a snowman be set on fire?" and "Can gasoline be frozen?" and "Cabbage. I hear that's what English boarding school smells like." Sometimes I feel sad that I haven't photographed my class notes in ages, so I do, because this blog is for me, and then I get happy again.

For clarification, I drew Harry Potter, Steven drew the robot thing's head, and I added clothes and a hairy hook-arm. And the handwriting is Steven's, because he usurped my notebook to "take notes for me" because I barely take notes in that particular class anyway. I am pretty sure that if Steven ever took notes in class, they would look like Mark Zuckerberg's deposition scene notes.

Steven's doing. It is amazing how confusing one's notes can be when one goes back to study them for a midterm.

Also Steven's. I think maybe this was his rendition of Leibniz. I tweeted mine.


Steven insists on drawing little hats on everything. Even on the hats.

...I don't know.

I was drawing a unicorn, because I was sitting next to Bobby, who is Jewish, and I wanted to draw a unicorn wearing a yarmulke (because I haven't gotten over how funny "Jewnicorn" sounds). Then Steven drew this, and it looked sad and unhorselike, so I added sparkles and dramatic lines.

I just want to clarify that I didn't draw that girl on the side, and this blog is not a Steven appreciation blog, but this post kind of is a Steven appreciation post, because THIS IS OUR LOVECHILD. It is the most glorious doodle that has ever been doodled in glory. The day it came into existence was the Best Day Ever. Evidently, we were also learning about Turing's halting problem that day, but that was clearly a secondary consideration, in light of our mythical creation.
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