List of Lists (So Meta)

Things You Should Click On For Possibly Sketchy Self-Promotional Purposes

Things That Have Been Ruined for M
e by Partaking in the The Social Network Fandom
  • Disney’s Hercules
  • Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll”
  • Disney’s Bambi
  • Jimmy Ruffin’s “What Becomes of the Broken Hearted”
  • real men
  • the phrase “a ho who didn’t know her place”
  • Muppets
  • the phrase “so sexy”
  • the phrase “hella horny”
  • Skins
  • Tom Jones’s “It’s Not Unusual”
  • chickens
  • maps
  • Vespas
  • the word “adequate”
  • “Where is Love” from Oliver
  • the name Abraham
  • cats
Things I Find Unbearably Beautiful But Which Probably Reveal My Ignorance
  • “whale road” – a translation of the Norse/Old English phrase meaning “the sea/ocean”
  • the phrase “ships passing in the night”
  • the opening of Lolita
  • the first two lines of The Stranger
  • “The Shire”
  • the last lines of Great Expectations
  • Harry’s “Does it hurt?” moment from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
  • the The Social Network trailer using “Creep”
  • the Tree of Life trailer
  • Never Let Me Go, even though I wouldn’t call it one of my favorite books or movies
  • “Touch Me” from Spring Awakening
  • the animation style used in The Secret of Kells
  • the entirety of The Thin Red Line
  • crowds of singing people
Pop Culture References/Memes Incorporated into My Cognitive Science Pre-Midterm Notes
  • #kanyeshrug
  • “Is this the real life, or is this just fantasy?”
  • the Yo Dawg meme
  • the Inception PARADOX
  • Armie Hammer, who is Aristotle
  • Colin Firth, who is Locke
  • "Please, Abraham, I am not that man"
  • dream is collapsing
  • becoss
  • “whip me if I misbehave”
  • “Baby Got Back”
  • “such a radical”
  • GQMF
  • King of the Cosmos
  • the rules of Fight Club
A Smattering of Unrelated Observations
  • It is easier for me to break a sweat by driving than by running.
  • The hyphen in “fazed-girl” doesn’t make sense.
  • I own almost nothing pink, and this sometimes disappoints me when I want to be wearing pink.
  • David Tennant is a fox. (How many times can I say this until I start annoying myself?)
  • My pinkies are really weak now that I haven’t been playing the piano regularly for four years. And when I say "really weak," I mean my piano teacher probably wouldn't be able to say that I play like a man anymore. (This makes me sad.)
Current Style Direction
  • looking dirty, like I crawled out of a gutter in London, or like Bellatrix Lestrange, or Marla Singer, or Idris/the TARDIS
  • giant fur monster coat
  • a “pretty” dress in some very light material, like chiffon or georgette
  • ratty lace
  • black flat/platform wedges (no patent leather, preferably leather + canvas)
  • get in the habit of exposing my knees again
  • knee-length crinoline (black, off-white)
  • black satin slips
  • smudgy, sparkly gray eyeshadow
  • bird’s nest hair
  • Look Good Outside, Feel Good Inside
Things I Wore During Dead Week Because I Am The Epitome Of Style

Wow, you guys! Mirror shots? It feels like fashion blogging circa 2006! And my outfits are even as bad as they were in 2006 when I was posting on MyStyleDiary! DO TODAY'S BLOGGERS EVEN REMEMBER WHAT IT WAS LIKE WHEN WE ALL TOOK MIRROR PHOTOS?

Disclaimer: These outfits are for LULZ, and I am wearing leggings as pants.
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