It is, of course, that time of year, and I am, of course, not studying for my finals but instead tearing my way through the six series of Doctor Who made since I was born, actively neglecting my syntax notes (in favor of my cognitive science notes, which are much less demanding) in the process.

(Haha, I just realized my drawing of my linguistics notes looks exactly the same as last semester...)

Not that I've been particularly conscientious about regular posting so far this year, but I'll be out until after May 17th, at least, probably (which means May's Things I Love will be abominably late). You can catch me on tumblr or twitter if you are inclined to observe the minutiae of my poor study habits for the next two weeks.

(By the by, I've decided to graduate a semester early, so Fall 2011 will be my last semester here. I haven't yet sat down to put into words how much weight I feel has been lifted off my shoulders, so I will just leave this here and marvel at what a difference it makes knowing that this waste of an undergraduate career is going to end on my own terms.)

See you on the other side, you great big beautiful dolls. I am scared and excited. (And uncomfortably attracted to Matt Smith's Eleven.)
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