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In the interest of being timely and relevant (OH THE IRONY), here's the drawing I sent to my blogging BFF Bella, which she posted here:

It's supposed to be a picture of her, but, um, nobody's hair can be that fluffy without an anti-gravity machine. Except maybe David Tennant's, but as the Doctor, he probably does have an anti-gravity machine.

And here's a drawing she sent me ages and ages and ages ago:

Which I have kept in secret until now because it is TOO FABULOUSLY MAGICAL and the world was not ready for its jelly, and because it's taken me this long to get appropriate outfit photos with the t-shirt in question. But here we are:

Make Love Not Horcruxes t-shirt: DIY. Sunglasses: Claire's. Belt: aunt's. Skirt: DIY. Socks: gift. Shoes: Repetto.

I've got some Matt-Smith-esque eyebrow action going on here...

If it were not for Bella's drawing, I would have forgotten about these shoes, which are a half-size too small, but see how joyous and ectastic they are? SEE HOW THEY SPARKLE FOR YOU?
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