antithesis & W1L 027: Write one leaf about going to the dentist.

Despite the fact that it made me kind of sweaty, wearing this outfit made me really, really happy, and I am 100% sure it was because I kept catching my socks in my peripheral vision all day.

Sweater: thrifted. Polo: American Eagle, brother's. Skirt: secondhand, gift. Tights: BP Nordstrom. Socks: Forever21. Oxfords: Miz Mooz. Rings: Forever21 and Rapunzelsgold on etsy.

Incidentally, this outfit is like the antithesis of what this summer has been like for me, as in I haven't taken off my sweatshirt in three or four days and I'm not sure what day of the week it is. I can't say I'm not eager for school to start because I like the independence that comes with it, but at the same time, I have the acute impression that there's a feeling of pre-dread lurking in the background, biding its time.

(Its name is probably like Jezediablo or something ridiculous, and it probably bathes in the blood of virgins, and it's going to strike when I'm weak and then I will be DEBILITATED WITH FEAR about post-grad.

Oh well. It will come.)


W1L 027: Write one leaf about going to the dentist.

PERSONAL CHALLENGE #2: Write something that is not remotely autobiographical.

Perhaps unfortunately, this is very much based on an overheard conversation between... two people I knew. Twice as long to account for double spacing. An unedited version of my original response to this prompt.


“Me too! Oh my God! Like. What, the beginning of summer?”

“I can’t even like just – masturbate – it’s not the same – ”

“I know!”

“Oh my God. Kenzie. That’s five months. This is not a dry spell. This is a fucking drought!”

“What happened with the Jewish guy at that party?”

“Which Jewish guy?”

“Um… the one with the… the one from Boston? He had that really nasty striped shirt?”

“Oh, Karl. Oh, God. Oh, God, his shirt was hideous. He was pretty cute, though.”


“Okay, he would be cute if he cut his hair and stopped gelling it.”

“Well what happened with him?”

“…So we made out and then we went back to his place and like, yeah, we were making out on his bed and he started fingering me and it felt good but then I was like, ‘No. No, I can’t do this’ and then I pushed him off, and then he was really, really sorry. He kept apologizing and I was like ‘Dude, no, it’s okay. I was the one who showed you my boobs.’ Yeah. And then I called Evan and went over to his place and cooked him like bacon and mac and cheese. His girlfriend wasn’t there.”

“Woman. You really need to get over him. Like really.”

“I know, but I can’t!”

“Well you can’t because you keep giving him blowjobs!”

“I like blowjobs!”

“He has a girlfriend!”

“She’s okay with it!”

“Okay, Evan likes to date girls who are okay with other girls sucking his dick. How is that okay?”

“I can’t help it!”

“He calls you chubby and tells you he's not interested and he always asks you to swipe him for late-night. AND YOU ALWAYS DO.”

“I really really like him!”

“He is so bad for you.”

“Why is life so hard? Why?”

“Just stop answering his calls! And stop calling him. Stop purposely running into him!”

“I like the library. I study in the library. He studies in the library. Is that my fault?”

“There are like thirty libraries on campus. You don’t have to go to the same one.”

“I like the chairs.”

“Okay, okay, Lehman does have really nice chairs, but just because you went to high school with him doesn’t mean he deserves your blowjobs or your time. He’s wasting your time.”

“I know. I’m wasting my time.”

“Then why do you still go to see him?”

“He’s driving me to my dentist appointment tomorrow.”

“Other people have cars!”

“I don’t know! I don’t get it! He says he just wants to be friends and then he never says no when I tell him I want to suck his dick - "


" - and then he offers to drive me places and remembers all the dumb stuff I tell him about me and tells me I’m cute and buys me things that make him think of me. I DON’T GET IT!”

“Oh my God. You didn’t tell me that.”


“Oh my God, guys don’t just do that unless he feels really, really guilty.”

“I KNOW. But what if he just feels really, really guilty?”

“…I don’t know.”

“…Maybe he just wants to make sure I don’t have any mouth diseases so he can keep his penis healthy."

"...Oh my God."
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