virgin snow & this is for you

SUBTLETY? What is that?

- Symbolism

Progression of zooms to uncomfortable closeup: amateur night at The Troll's Head. Slip: secondhand Elle MacPherson, gift. T-shirt: Napoleon in War Paint, Threadless. Green leggings: American Apparel, secondhand, gift. Socks: Forever21. Shoes: Kork-Ease. Rekindled fondness for the song below: Doctor Who, Series 5, Episode 10.

I posted this on my old writing blog, but here it is again.

Today is going to be perfect.

Today, you will wake up, see your sex-kitten bedhead in the mirror, and forgo the comb and knit beanie collection in favor of a set of fingers for extra post-romp tousle.

Today, you will stand in your closet and spontaneously grab items that look promising and turn out to subtly complement both each other and your skin tone.

Today, your toast will be textbook golden-brown, and your orange juice will taste like the sun.

Today, you will rediscover an old song you used to love and grin because some things, like cheese, fine wine, and men, are better with age.

Today, you will go to the laundromat and successfully move your damp clothes from the washer to the dryer, dropping only a sock, which you will catch on your leg before it hits the ground, after which you transfer it to the dryer to join its brethren for a spin.

Today, the deodorant you are buying will turn out to be on sale, and the cashier will smile at you and tell you to have a nice day and mean it.

Today your fortune cookie will tell you how hot you are, and accurately predict a lifetime of hard, satisfying work punctuated by personal successes and foreign romances, eventually culminating in a victorious career and a compatible partner to face the world with you.

Today you'll catch that gross misspelling of your name before you print twenty copies of your resume on heavy paper.

Today you will hit all the green lights and cross-walk signals, and a cute, intriguing stranger will flash you a shy smile as you pass each other on the street.

Today, you will watch the horizon pink and purple on the way home, and your eyes will water from the ultraviolet rays and the beauty and the miracle.

Today, you will be walking to your building when you pass a friendly squirrel who will look at you curiously and stuff something into its cheeks, and you will laugh as you think of your old friend who eats like that, and your keys will open your sticky door on the first try.

Today, you will pull the perfect length of floss, the water pressure and temperature will be just right as you soap down, and you will hit that high note flawlessly while belting your favorite shower song.

Today, your pillow will be cool as you lay your head to rest in the satiated exhaustion of one perfect, perfect day of living.

Today, you will be golden.
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