The Loaf, Empire Subang Gallery

Left: UFO - chocolate chips with almond nuts croissant.
Top: Magazine - 4 pieces of french choc and fresh belgium butter in the croissant.
Right: Chilli Foccacia - A traditional Italian bread with bits of chopped chili, black sesame seeds and herbs

Am havin lunch w my besties, Joan and Cher @ Empire Subang Gallery today. Before we decided on where to eat, we were already spying on the UFO's, one of our latest bread obsession @ The Loaf. Oh Thank God, they are there! 2 full baskets of UFO on the bread counter. It was completely sold out when I was there last few weeks. So this time, am gonna make sure I have a handful. Well...i only get 5 la...not so greedy. One lady next to me took 10 of them. Tsk tsk tsk....

Anyway, The Loaf having some promotion for this month. If you are a member, you only pay 99cents per UFO, normal price is RM2.80. One member get to buy 10 UFOs per day only. Chili Foccacia - RM1.99 after discout, Magazine - RM2.85 after 50% discount, lucky my fren has member card, so I don't need to pay so much. All total paid: RM10.30

Finally got my bite on the UFO, I thought the outer layer look pretty hard texture will be hard as a rock. But no, it's not! It's medium soft and take one bite of the bread with choc chips and almond nuts is so addictive, I so wanted to eat the rest of the UFO at one go...but i have to control, gona keep some for my guy. haha. I like the taste of it, well balance of sweet and with a hint of bitter taste. Can't wait to try the rest of other different breads.

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