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Alice in Wunderland Fashion Fever

I have been thinking what to wear for Miu's Mad Hatter's Tea Party for this saturday. Even though i have google a million times on the net about the outfit of AIW on the world wide web. But to no avail, I still can't figure someting solid that i could pick and match from my wadrobe to create a character.

Anyway, just wanna share the stuff I saw online, fashion ideas of dressing up as one of the AIW characters. Some of my favourite sites:

College Fashion
- Calli -LSU, a blogger, she've done a great job on putting up the outfits to match the characters in AIW.

For Alice outifts: blue color, pumps, vintage style.

Red queen outift, blood red, and hearts. Love the stockings!!

Mad Hatter's outift - nice hat!
Oh this is sweet for Tweedle Dee, Tweedle Dum outfit!! I think this is pretty stylish! Aren't they cool?? Visit her blog for more info, she even put up the brands of each outfit in the pictures!

Another site from Hijabulous on Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum outifts:

Vintage, classical romantic look on this.

Finally, i get to see Cheshire Cat fashion inspiration!!

Next, Style Dump - another picture of Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee in avant-garde style.

Forgotten where this picture taken from. Love this Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum in Japanese style.

Lastly, this gorgeous colorful hat piece. I've been searching high and low on the internet on what to wear for Miu's Mad Hatter's party, and Voila!! I found this gorgeous colorful giant hat made up of different kind of chifon hats with flowers on them. So chic!

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In my sophomore year of high school, while writing a Magic 8-Ball program in Java for my computer programming class, I was told that if I was trying to be fake-French, "Le Oracle Eight Ball" was poorly constructed and should instead have been "L'Oracle Eight Ball." Thanks, Yanick, for improving my fake-French skills. And for the chocolate. And for making fun of me. And for being so persistent trying to get to know me. And for all the time backstage during rehearsals spent discussing absolutely nothing.

So... L'oxfords:

Gray cardigan: Uniqlo. Black top: Target. Pashmina: gift. Skirt: Forever21. Tights: DKNY. Oxfords: Payless.

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Alice in Wonderland is the new black!!

After the launch of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland movie, the eccentric world of Alice-inspired of fashion and beauty has brought to reality! We were all going Wonderland crazy, including my 2 blogger frens, Fatin and Miu both of them dig into having Mad hatter's or Alice in Wonderland tea parties. But is all fun, madness and creativeness!

Big fashion label like John Galliano, Christian Dior, Chanel, and Kinder Aggugini just had their Fairytale fashion inspired by the AIW featured on New York runways. Particularly love Kinder's spring collection, below are my favourites!!

Next spotted OPI nail lacquer AIW limited edition! “Absolutely Alice” - Alice’s signature light blue. “Off With Her Red!” for the Red Queen; “Thanks So Muchness” - White Queen. The glittery “Mad as a Hatter,” which is a hazy purple hue contaminated with pounds of shimmering rainbow confetti.

Urban Decay pounced on Disney’s invite to create a palette especially for the film. Their Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows highlights 16 best-selling eye shadows, two mini eyeliner pencils, and a shadow primer.

I also bumped into this blog Little Maketto - Min the blogger/seller, sells her handmade accessories, but this AIW cute ear rings are special imports from overseas and non-stockable (criessss!), They're selling at a reasonable price!! RM25 !! So adorable!!

I adore this AIW charms from Etsy

Another piece from, price at £6.50

Jili Allen is an up-and-coming shoe designer, currently crafting some stunning pairs inspired by AIW. Check out this cool shoes!!

Paul and Joe AIW beauty collection! These are so lovely and cute, I think this is a good keep! Selling at 25 pounds. Isetan S'pore sellin at S78 dollar. More info at Haru's blog.

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these are my confessions

  1. I'm seeing someone else, and I've got one on the way.
  2. It's not yours.
  3. I'm lying.
  4. I bought this skirt from Forever21 two weeks ago because I really wanted to buy something (anything; as Tammy Faye Bakker put it, "I always say shopping is cheaper than a psychiatrist"). I would have bought summer clothes, but I wasn't sure if I was going to be staying in Berkeley over the summer, because I wasn't sure if I was really going to attempt a Computer Science degree, because I don't love it, and I am afraid of failing.
  5. I took these photos anyway.
  6. This skirt makes me feel fat.
  7. I like symbolic action.
  8. So I returned the skirt under the justification that it made me feel fat and I am indeed attempting a Computer Science degree, and the Forever21 store credit instead went to summer purchases.
  9. I was going to make a backup Fall 2010 class schedule, in case I fail miserably over the summer. But then I realized that artists do not have Plan B's, or else they will fail. There will always be a Plan B, whether or not I have thought it out in advance. So while I'm not pursuing an artistic major, I'm operating under the assumption that I am getting a Linguistics/Computer Science degree, which means I need summer clothes, dammit. I'm always so willing to suspend disbelief when it comes to theater or books. Why not school?
    Hair clip: no idea. Peter Pan collar blouse: delia's. Gold skirt: Forever21. Bracelet: hand-me-down, grandmother's. Tights: BP Nordstrom. Silver oxfords: delia's.
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    Cafe Barbera, Bangsar

    A blogger friend of mine, Fatin has blogged about this cafe not long ago. I was so tempted to try after reading her blog on Cafe Barbera. Copied this from her blog - "Cafe Barbera is a franchise of an Italian based food and beverage company, Barbera Caffe co. It has its origins in Messina Italy, since 1870." It has a history of over 139 years of the finest preparations of gourmet coffees in Italy.

    So tempted to try after reading her blog. So I plan a coffee gathering session for my beloved colleagues. Since am not much of a coffee person, but i know they are. I cant drink too strong coffee, if I did, will experience something worst than a "hang-over", nausea, heart beating in fast pace, sweating, light-headiness.

    Anyway, I find Cafe Barbera, has its own building, looks more like a Italian mansion. It's pretty cool, we don't need to fly to Italy to drink coffee, now we can do it here in Bangsar. :) You definitely feel you were in Italy, as they put on Italian classical music. Interior was quite simple and nice.

    We ordered several diff types of coffee and dishes:

    Cappuccino Frappe - thickness and richness of the cream.

    The waiter recommended us this dessert - Chocolate Fondant, takes about 15 mins to served. Top with ice cream, and inner part of the fondant is warm choc cream, when you take a slice of it, the choc cream is oozing out, hmm...yummilicious!!

    Venezia coffee, real coffee beans sprinkled on top! This is quite strong, coz it has espresso in it.

    Ooo...I heart pizza with beef pepperoni!! Only at RM19.50! Better than Domino's, and they're almost on the same price range.
    Coffee Affogato, yummy to drink w ice cream in it, taste sweet, but after finish the ice cream left the coffee, the bitterness is back.

    Grilled chicken and friend's pizza! Top with olives, cheese, etc cant remember. It's good, but i still prefer beef pepperoni pizza.

    Food: Above average
    Price: average, reasonable
    Service: Excellent
    Parking: can be a problem, as outside the cafe is the main street which has yellow lines can't be parked. We park inside the cafe, but limited space.

    18, Lorong Maarof,
    Bangsar Park, 59000
    Kuala Lumpur.
    03-2287 3628
    Opens daily from 9am to 11pm
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    typical sam

    You know those days when you saunter out of your apartment feeling cute as hell, and then you spend all morning running into everybody you were hoping to see during your Super Mario Invincibility Star/Cute As Hell period, only to realize that what you're wearing is Typical You, which by some twisted deductive logic means that Typical You is cute as hell?

    Yeah, it was one of those days.

    Don't judge me.

    Gray cardigan: Uniqlo. Light blue thermal: Old Navy. Teal fake pashmina: gift. Black satin skirt: made by my grandmother. Tights: some brand at macy's. Oxfords: Payless. Untied shoelace: Constant Vigilance.
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    I MUST ADMIT... despite the perks of its simplicity, having a capsule wardrobe gets kind of boring.

    V-neck UC Berkeley sweater: uncle's, hand-me-down. Blue fake pashmina: gift. Tiered skirt: Forever21. Purple tights: BP Nordstrom. Oxfords: Payless. Rings: estate sale.

    P. S. I love tumblr.

    [1, 2, and 3]
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    my brother asks the important questions

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