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sf/bay area blogger meetup recap

I would deeply appreciate if the world forgave me for taking so long to post an actual recap (as opposed to this sorry excuse for one) because I have a bad habit of not updating until I've emptied out my camera's guts, which doesn't happen often enough, and always feeling compelled to post everything in chronological order.

On Sunday (11/22) I attended the SF Bay Area Blogger Meetup organized by Jennie from Going West, with the other lovely (supernaturally attractive, smart, funny, well-heeled) lady bloggers Erin of calivintage, Christina of profreshstyle, Xtina of candybox, her friend Vai who is studying fashion design at UC Davis, Liz of Late Afternoon, Diane of Darling Darling, Brittany of Work It, Berk, Helen of Chictopia, Katie who writes for AOL's stylelist, and Ami from Song of Style.

I was, unsurprisingly, underdressed, as I was headed to a review session immediately after (and let’s be honest here, I wouldn’t risk not being taken seriously in a classroom setting even if it meant feeling extra out of my comfort zone in a group of intimidatingly put-together people I’ve never met). My attempt to reconcile a blogger meetup with a weekend at home’s worth of stuff and a review session and colder-than-school weather and carrying costumes for my scene with Lee and commute by BART manifested as this:

sparkly purple leopard print socks sf/bay area blogger meetup outfit teal pashmina black shorts fafi for adidasAbove, check my model pose, guys.

sparkly purple leopard print socks sf/bay area blogger meetup outfit teal pashmina black shorts fafi for adidasAbove, no, yeah, this is what I normally look like. Thanks for photos, Kim.

sparkly purple leopard print socks sf/bay area blogger meetup outfit teal pashmina black shorts fafi for adidasAbove, black jacket: gift. Teal fake pashmina: New York street vendor. Satin shorts: Nordstrom Rack. Black tights: generic. Sparkly purple leopard print socks: grandmother’s (damn straight). Shoes: Fafi for Adidas, garage sale.

sparkly purple leopard print socks sf/bay area blogger meetup outfit teal pashmina black shorts fafi for adidasAbove, I was so nervous, I even put on makeup. You can't tell. Just revel in my incomparable beauty.

sparkly purple leopard print socks sf/bay area blogger meetup outfit teal pashmina black shorts fafi for adidasSo, yes, underdressed. A little cleaner-looking than I would have liked, but I liked my Sparkly Purple Leopard Print Socks®, thanks.

sparkly purple leopard print socks sf/bay area blogger meetup outfit teal pashmina black shorts fafi for adidassparkly purple leopard print socks sf/bay area blogger meetup outfit teal pashmina black shorts fafi for adidas

We met at Yerba Buena (I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to find them but soon realized all I had to do was walk behind the girls wearing the highest shoes in the park) then made our way to the SFMoMA café, where heads turned as our group walked in. You can see photos of everyone else here, here, here, here, and here.

As the youngest blogger in attendance (in terms of life years and in terms of how seriously I blog, I think), I did a lot more listening than talking, but it was enlightening and a lot of fun to be able to sound off on stuff that nobody else talks about in person. Blogging and fashion and running a blog and returning comments, the merits of Chictopia vs. Weardrobe vs. Lookbook, blogging as a hobby vs. blogging as a job, how people felt about ads and sponsorship, selling out, how people who don’t blog don’t understand bloggers, Korean spas (that would be Liz enthusing for like ten minutes… she is a riot), how people don’t take you seriously if you have an interest in fashion, or if you show any consideration for what you wear... They were all very, very nice, and very funny, and smart, dammit. And so well-dressed it was kind of gross in a dying-of-jealousy way.

Anyway, I encourage everyone to go to every blogger meetup you possibly can, regardless of how nervous you are or how unsure you are or how unlegit and amateur you think you may be, because it is so worth it to meet new (um, really talented, really articulate) people with common interests and to learn from other people’s experiences.

  1. Fuck your fear. It's probably worth it. You gain nothing from sitting back and watching life go by without you.
  2. Smart + articulate + fierce = the most intimidating combination you will ever find in a person. Be that person.
  3. If you're doing it well, people will judge you. Let them, and then prove them wrong.
  4. Life will throw things your way. Recognize them. Catch them. Milk them for all they're worth.
  5. Wear what you want.
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i'd rather be blue thinking of you

Here's what I wore to a Saturday night family dinner at a Chinese restaurant.

FACT: It is a bad idea to wear anything that will give you extreme hat hair the night before a meetup with really self-possessed, well-dressed people.

blue beret, ribbed wool tights, payless heelsblue beret, ribbed wool tights, payless heelsblue beret, ribbed wool tights, payless heelsblue beret, ribbed wool tights, payless heels
Above, blue beret: hat shop in New York. Scarf: DIY. Top: brother's, Old Navy. Jeans: mother's, Old Navy + DIY. Wool tights: BP Nordstrom. Shoes: Payless.
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Seven for the Dwarf-lords in their halls of stone

Seven rings, seven huge stones... Santa, baby, please let my nerdy cocktail ring dreams come true!

Above, Ida Glamour Ring by CrystalLuLLaby, $14 on etsy

Above, Geometric Olive Swarovski Cocktail Ring by Radness, $12.50 on etsy

Above, Jet black Swarovski Cocktail Ring by Radness, $15.50 on etsy

Above, Lovely Lavender BLING RING by wewillrockyou, $6 on etsy

Above, Aphrodite's Tear by BlackberryRoseStudio, $29.95 on etsy

Above, Carnelian and Silver Pear Ring by LuraJewelry, $248 on etsy

Above, Rosalie Twilight Saga Inspired Antique Style Emerald Green Ring by FallenHearts, $20 on etsy
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major questions

In which I question myself, my direction in life, school in general, my past, and my ability to recognize opportunities. And in which I get rained on. And in which I conclude my day with an epic performance of my monologue.

Despite the fact that "I don't know" isn't the kind of answer you want to hear in response to the question "What are you going to do with your degree?" particularly from someone whose career in your own field of study is currently in the works... it was a good day, as my squinty eyes will tell you in the second picture.

monster scarfmonster scarfmonster scarfAbove, monster scarf: DIY. T-shirt: Target. Cardigan: Uniqlo. Skirt: Forever21. Tights: generic. Shoes: Payless.
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muscle orchestra

What I wore to be the jaw-closing muscles in our class's muscle orchestra, which consisted of my entirely female discussion section alternately raising and lowering posterboard sticks labeled with muscles used in speech as my GSI conducted from his perch atop his desk.

Note to self: It is really difficult to turn the pages of a book while wearing mittens.

green puff sleeve dress, J. Crew mittensgreen puff sleeve dress, J. Crew mittensgreen puff sleeve dress, J. Crew mittensAbove, green puff sleeve dress: secondhand + DIY hem. Green thermal: Macy's. Mittens: J. Crew, gift. Black tights: generic. Oxfords: Payless.

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It's a-coming. Just you wait, kids.

[EDIT: I'm sorry this is taking so long and is only going to take longer. I never knew Thanksgiving was such an ordeal in this kitchen, as it's my first time helping out with feeding 20+ mouths... but I will be back! In the meantime, here's a miniature Things I Love:
  • sharing grapes
  • changing out of wet, rained-on clothes
  • reassuring you'll-do-fine shoulder touches from extremely blond boys before performing a monologue
  • grocery shopping with Kim
  • free cutie oranges from Trader Joe's
  • deciding to wear two skirts just so I could carry both of them back to my apartment
  • my professor for changing the time on the chalkboard to say "11:59" to indicate there was one minute left during our test
  • Lee calling before class to make sure we had class
  • voice cracks and awkward laughs
Beautiful! /]

[EDIT: So I just noticed how the words in the header image are kind of left-aligned. Um. /]

[EDIT: DONE? Let me know if anything is misaligned, ugly, etc.]
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Until I come up with a new layout... here is what I wore to the rehearsal... 'cause that's all I really do with my time. These pinstriped tights always have me in a predicament because I feel the need to dress thematically when I do wear them. Otherwise, I look like a mess... and not even a hot mess:

V-neck sweater: K-8 uniform. Plaid shirt: grandmother's. Negligible black skirt: secondhand, gift. Pinstriped tights: can't remember. Patent flats: Steve Madden via Ross.
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takeaway points

from Sunday

1) fuck all, wear what you want.
2) you can be smart and pretty.
3) people will judge you. ignore them and then prove them wrong.
4) if it's the right thing it will come to you.
5) take the opportunities as they come.

[EDIT: I most definitely want a new layout. I am not feeling this anymore.]
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what's our safe word?

What I wore to the rehearsal in which Lee decides that I'm right and our instructor's going to make us mack anyway, please bring the Listerine kthx, I don't understand why you were right and why my last partner was always right too, and in which I throw him a dirty look that clearly says because we are women and women are always right, suck it.

Flannel: Field & Stream via Costco fo real + safety pin. Denim shorts: Old Navy, mother's + DIY. Light gray argyle tights: H&M. Plaid shoes: Keds.

ROOMIE: Sam... I don't know why, but I feel like you have a lot of plaid.
ME: I can't help it. It's my residual Catholic school aesthetic. It's in my soul.
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shut up, squib

I don't normally condone the destruction of learning materials, but I defaced the section in my linguistics textbook about words with referents that don't exist because it said unicorns, centaurs, and Quidditch don't exist in the real world. SILLY MUGGLES.

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awkward rehearsal, trois + blogger meetup!

Also known as Monday night rehearsal. In which Samantha brings a 1-liter bottle of Listerine to rehearsal out of courtesy for her fellow actor and their sexytime scene, only to discover that her scene partner is feeling even more awkward than she is and that he tries to call the whole thing off. She feels sorry for him and lets him cut the kissing out of the scene while thinking to herself that their instructor is going to make them do it anyway.

Above, floral dress: mother's. Pink fake pashmina: New York street vendor. Cardigan: mother's. Light blue thermal: Old Navy, gift. Convertible watermelon colored mittens: J. Crew, gift. Light gray argyle tights: H&M. Black and white saddle shoes: Payless.

To those of you in the Bay Area, there's going to be a style blogger meetup on Sunday at noon at Yerba Buena! For deets and to RSVP, see the post at Going West.

I am nervous, excited, and in a mentally taxing dilemma about what to wear.
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OHAI, bridal nightgown. I voult be so pleast to make you mine tonight.

I enjoy that the deflowering gown is white but printed with flowers SYMBOLISM WIN.

Si Belle Ann-Renee Nightgown, $290 at journelle

(...I'm having a hard time labeling this post. Should it be "underwear," "dress," or both?)
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awkward, take two

Second rehearsal, second dose of awkward, second extremely technical attempt to climb into Lee's lap without seeming too forward. I'm going to exceed my life quota for awkward pretty soon here, guys.

Above, red plaid coat: Maria D via delia's. Scarf: Chinatown, gift. Floral slip: secondhand. "Pillow Fight" t-shirt: Threadless. Ribbed gray wool tights: BP Nordstrom. Black patent flats: Steve Madden via Ross.

Just to make this public, I'm setting myself on a shopping ban until I can answer these questions:
  • What is classic me?
  • What am I drawn to?
  • What do I look good in?
  • What decades do I like?
  • What silhouettes do I like?
  • What impression do I want to give?
With any luck, resolving these for myself will make shopping a lot more focused.
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feeling this

If you stalk my newly-christened tumblr, stop slouching., you would know that lately I've been feeling these photos. Craving some shots of color in the dark winter wardrobe I'm planning, maybe?

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Contest by MIU

This holiday seasons you can really win some nice stuff... Miu from the just announced that she is having another contest and it will not be easy!

So Miu is giving away to one lucky winner a brand new Chanel Lip Gloss for the best pouter!

How to Win
You have to send a picture of yourself posing with your favorite lip gloss and a caption! You can pout, put on, pose, etc with your lip gloss so as long it looks real dam good or cool!

Leave a comment with your details (follower id, email) and blog link attached with your yummy lipgloss picture. If you don't have a Blog, email to of your picture.

An example:-

*slurp* so good u wanna eat it!
My favourite: Stila lip glaze in grapefruit
(don't hide your face, this picture is just an example)

For the weak hearted and extremely camera shy followers:
U can spread the news around by blogging & leave me your blog link here. The lucky blogger will win a travel size Stila Lip Glaze too.

Terms & Conditions
1. Contest starts 20/11/09 and ends 01/12/09
2. Strictly for followers of Plusizekitten. To become a follower just sign up under the follower button via gmail or yahoo.
3. Incomplete entries will be disqualified
4. Only 1 photo per entry
5. Bloggers can post up in their blogs while non-bloggers can email to Miu a picture
6. Your pictures will be put up on Miu post for judging
7. You can wear a mask/hide your identity while posing with your lipglaze (for those who's shy)
8. Judging will be base on voting


juli1202 said...
I love Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector, it's just AWESOME !!!

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