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[Here's a re-posted version of the mini-post I did for chickdowntown about how to become a Wild Thing. For the record, I wrote this up in October just before the Where the Wild Things Are hype got to the point of nausea, but it didn't get posted until November.]

Just in time for the much-hyped Where the Wild Things Are this week, here’s a quick idea for how to unleash your inner Wild Thing with the help of online purveyor of all things hip, chickdowntown.com.

Chickdowntown: Where the Wild Things Are
  1. Start with an all-white outfit, a la Max's onesie pajamas. Please note, there's no need to actually wear a onesie in public. A white henley on top with white tights or leggings layered under a white bottom will do - preferably under shorts or a short romper for that rough-and-tumble feel. (C'mon, you can't go exploring in a skirt!)
  2. Slip on a pair of vintage white boots, ready for adventure and the scuffing of a lifetime.
  3. Top it off with a furry vest to indicate that inside all of us is a Wild Thing. (And because, well, it's October and it's getting chilly.)
  4. Finish the look with gold accessories to channel Max's gold crown. Bonus points for gold hair clips or a headband!
  5. Make sure your crush/professor/boss isn't within hearing distance, let out a ROAR, and voila! You are now the King of all Wild Things.
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