The Encounter

Things that happened last Monday:
  • We got new scenes. My partner is Lee. Our scene is awkward because it is way too sexy for the likes of us. Help.
  • Lee took my library cherry when we went to get hard copies of our play. I have now stepped foot inside a Cal library.
  • I had a revelation about why there are so many fantasies about sex in the Main Stacks.
  • I went to Walgreen's to buy contact solution.
  • The alarm went off as I exited but I and everyone else ignored it. I have great faith in the security system.
  • Someone tapped me on the shoulder.
  • I actually turned around ready with a reply similar to, "OH, I totally paid for it, here's my receipt," but it turned out it was actually Brittany from Work It, Berk!
  • We chatted for a few moments before Brittany ran off to class. It was awkward. It was glorious. We conceived devious plans.
  • My Monday ended with warm fuzzies, aided by the fact that Kim and I decided to be ambitious and made an EPIC pot pie for dinner.
I was wearing this:

Above, cardigan: Uniqlo. Scarf: grandmother's. Cal t-shirt: Cal Student Store. Denim shorts: mother's + scissors. Tights: Nordstrom. Shoes: Payless.

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