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Another silver spoon because I wanted a serving spoon. The internet cannot tell me what this one is exactly.

I do know, however, that it says "Boulenger" and "Blanc 84," which the internet says means it's silverplate (not sterling), and French (if that was not obvious).

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fame is a fickle friend

By the way, I'm done with

and am just starting

but it's going to take incredible willpower to read anything other than

but I'm trying. I've never read Vonnegut, and I hear I'm missing out.
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Thanks, TK!

I've spent today sorting out yet more apartment stuff, polishing silver (similar motions are required to clean the Chain Chomp), and failing at internet research on vintage things. And I haven't learned any more Arabic letters. Fail. But this arrived!

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This was overpriced.

But I bought it anyway for the OLD THINGS! factor. This is totally going on my wall. Wherever that wall may be.

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Dear Ms. B,

I never know how to thank you for being both my teacher and supporter.

Above, fedora that now looks okay with my short hair: Forever21. Green tee: Lady Footlocker + silkscreen. Dress: made by my grandmother. Sweater: Ann Taylor Loft. Belt: GAP, brother's. Tights: Look from London via Buffalo Exchange. Oxfords that were supposed to be retired: Payless.

I don't know if it's the clothes or the full face of makeup, but I feel like a girl.
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shed pounds fast

There's nothing so soothingly painful as sewing blisters! Absolute love.

Not the prettiest or neatest (ahahaha. That is like 3 layers of backstitching...), but my lighter Levi's from Costco (!) wouldn't have gotten any more wear if I kept them boot cut, so I skinnified them. They originally looked like this: 1, 2 (fourth outfit), 3 (7th outfit)
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something I fear I will never say

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leads to forking

Just a warning: this is one of the nerdiest things I have ever done.

So this morning I went to a sale that some guy was having at the Store That Used To Be An Antique Store and bought these silver-plated spoons for myself/the apartment for $2 apiece, which is slightly overpriced, but I'm okay with that.

They're pretty beat up and need some polishing, but I will try to love them. After an excruciating hour and a half of online research I have determined that these William Rogers spoons are the "Talisman" design, which was first produced in 1938.

Then I spent another hour looking at silver spoon designs and realized I am a huge nerd and a sucker for anything that looks old and/or ornate. Especially matching hairbrush and hand mirror sets.

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all dressed up...

...and nowhere to go. Oh well. At least I'm wearing human clothes.

Above, sweater: mother's. Ruffled shirt: Esprit. White tee: Old Navy. Shorts: Old Navy + scissors. Tights: generic. Shoes: Fafi for Adidas.

Above, wedges: Nina.

These shorts were formerly Old Navy cargo pants that I bought a few sizes up (which was dumb, because Old Navy runs pretty big) when I was, like, a size zero. I didn't want to get rid of them because I like the butt:

And the strange fabric choices, like this random bit of velveteen on the belt loop:

And the lining:

Actually, I cut them short enough that the pockets could hang out (a la trendy denim cutoffs), but I chose to wear them tucked up today. But how exciting it will be when I let these floral babies hang.

Anyway, this was another step in my closet editing, because now I will wear these pants again! They used to look like this, and NO, you are not allowed to ask what the HELL I am wearing. These are old; forgive me:

Oh, sweet Jesus, that was horrific, and I'm only exaggerating a little. Seriously, what was going ON in my mind when I put those on? (Something along the lines of "Let's blind people today" or "Let's pretend I'm hiding a pregnancy.") In any case, I enjoy scissors.

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Hey, Jude

Perhaps you are obscure, but don't make it bad. I sometimes enjoy self-teaching too.

Here's what I've been up to! Arabic alphabet flashcards, although I'm still missing quite a few. (Can anyone tell me if my handwriting is bad or not? I feel like my Arabic letters are looking all Chinese... like an accent... but in written form.)
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There is something profoundly comforting in a well-loved book.

And there is something profoundly magical about Harry Potter. I take back what I said years ago about Sorcerer's Stone not being well-written. I never noticed how strong the narrator's voice is, or how well JKR must have planned everything out, because she drops hints everywhere about what's to come, and how sad Harry is (he cries! And is all the more human for it), and how eleven year old boy Malfoy is, and how fleshed out the magical world is. This is a whole brand of epic in itself.

Although I cannot for the life of me imagine when a $6 book was normal. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and The Kite Runner were both $14 each.

I'll be starting Chamber of Secrets tonight.
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this would be funnier...

...if it weren't true.

"I think God is a callous bitch not making me a lesbian. I'm deeply disappointed by my sexual interest in men."

- Diamanda Galas
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old school

Today I started Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone again. Where the magic began. Oh, wow is it better than I remembered. I love Harry Potter even more now. All over again. ALWAYS.

This was my uncle's when he went to Cal. And now it is mine. Can you say 1970s/80s epic?

uc berkeley university of california cal sweater retrouc berkeley university of california cal sweater retro
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Del, Del, Del

This is how the closet editing is going so far.

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oskar schell

Right now, I'm out of new books to read, since I finished my Borders purchases yesterday and have to wait for the Amazon deliveries to arrive. So I thought I should share the Jonathan Safran Foer love with this passage from Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, which basically sums up all of my childhood frustration:

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