Today I finished Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close, which has just bumped Lolita down to number two on my Favorite Books of All Time list.

Also Jonathan Safran Foer makes me laugh and then cry, and then laugh through my tears, and then cry more, and maybe just because you are talented and original doesn't make your work beautiful or doesn't make what you do artistic, but it doesn't mean it makes your work ugly or what you do artless, so maybe Jonathan Safran Foer is both talented and artistic.

Also I went to my grandfather's funeral today. The thing with Chinese tradition is that you have to eat chicken, but I have trouble doing that when the head is on the plate, too. It's like it's watching me, only its face is screwed up in pain so you can see its eyes are closed so it couldn't be watching me. Anyway.

Also I love my mom.

Also I have been feeling kind of emotionally raw since Wednesdayish.

Also I miss Berkeley weather a lot because I look like a turtle right now with a thermal, a sweatshirt, and a puffy vest.

Also my next projects are Kite Runner, The Omnivore's Dilemma, Slaughterhouse-Five, and editing my closet.
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