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I am going to have to see Spring Awakening at some point, because I am slowly growing obsessed with the entire score and cast. Have a gratuitous YouTube video post.

Ben Moss singing "Brick" by Ben Folds Five (THIS is how the chorus should be sung. For sure the best version of this song I've heard yet, including all covers and the original. Even considering that he forgot a chunk of the lyrics.)

[Nerdy side note: I just realized WHY singers often sound sort of accented when they sing. It's because our American English diphthongs tend to be monophthongized when they're sung because it's hard to sustain one note on two vowel sounds. Cool beans!]

"The Dark I Know Well" (Her voice is like gravel.)

This girl ruins "I Want To Hold Your Hand" and she has a somewhat annoying tendency to end her sentences like questions? But she has the kind of musical theater voice that I have been jealous of for as long as I realized I can't sing.

Continuing the Andy Mientus... "Bitch of Living" (Can you take your eyes off him? The shock of hair. He's like a ball of energy. "Looks so nasty in those khakis...")

"The Dark I Know Well" with Ben Moss and Andy Mientus

"Ask Andy" (If you watch none of the others, watch this one. It's 14 seconds long.)

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