SK-II Skincare Travel/Sample Size

More choices of Authentic SK-II Skincare in travel size for you to choose. Try sample before u buy a regular size is a best way to save your money on this luxury and expensive skincare to ensure its suit your skin. :)

1. ILLUMINATING : the secret of inner glow. Clarifying Radiance Lotion. SK-II Whitening Source Clear Lotion perfectly begins your skin tone balancing ritual by moisturizing and gently exfoliating, residual impurities and dull dead skin cells from the skin surface and allowing the ingredients to penetrate the upper surface layers of the skin. The result from the Whitening Source System is clean, soft, fresh and conditioned skin that starts to look more even and radiant.

2. SK-II Whitening Source Clear Lotion perfectly prepares your skin for the rest of your SK-II skin tone balancing ritual. It exclusively blended with balancing moisturizers, and SK-II Pitera. The Whitening Source System helps even skin tone for a fresh, radiant look. This Clarifying Radiance Lotion contains SK-II Pitera, a blend of vitamins, amino acids, minerals and organic acids. It is alcohol-free, menthol-free and no added fragrance.


*Use after cleainsing your face and neck both morning and evening. Soak a cotton wool pad with Whitening Source Clear Lotion and sweep across your face and neck paying special attention to the sides of your nose and mouth while avoiding the direct eye area.
SK-II Whitening Source Clear Lotion -11ml
Retail 150ml - RM207.00
Our Price : RM28.00 each

ANTI-AGING - the discovery of youth. Moisturizing Anti-Aging Lotion. SK II Facial Lift Emulsion provides intensive moisturization to help reduce the appearance of expression lines, while helping to prevent these from further developing into wrinkles. In addition the combination of Pitera and skin actives improves skins' suppleness and helps smooth skin's surface texture, reviving your skin's natural smoothness.

Directions: Use daily after cleansing and application of SK II Facial Treatment Essence. Place the recommended amount of SK II Facial Lift Emulsion in the palm of your hand and apply to the forehead, nose, cheeks and chin, and smooth over the entire face.
SK-II Facial Lift Emulsion 30ml
Retail 100ml - RM325.00
Our Price : RM65.00 each

Skin Hydrating and Refining Concentrate. Hydrates intensely. Refines. Diminishes appearance of fine lines. A light yet powerful replenishing serum with rich moisturisers, Hyaluronic Acid and Pitera*4 - an extremely concentrated form of Pitera, repeatedly filtered to produce a high-powered anti-ageing element.Replenishes thirsty skin, leaving it silky and smooth.

Smooth onto face and eye areas.
SK-II Facial Treatment Repair C 2ml
Retail 30ml - RM329.00
= Currently sold out =

SK II Whitening Source Derm-Renewal Essence is an essence which contains skin regeneration formula. Revitalizes skin & accelerates cell metabolism. Sustains natural protective layer to bind in moisture. Its BHA & Phytic Acid effectively remove surface dead cells that helps revives dull skin & unveils a delicate, crystal clear, whitened skin.

How to use: Apply over entire face avoiding eye area after cleansing. Leave on for 5-10 minutes, then rinse off.
SK II Whitening Source Derm-Renewal Essence 2.5g
Retail 50g - RM315.00
PRICE/HARGA : RM28.00 each

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