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freeloading + philosophy

Wow, I am so behind on reading my usual blogs and haven't been taking outfit pictures and I still have a lot of reading to do for homework.

Well, in any case, here's what I was wore to Unit 1's dance that Tony and JLiu and I attended for about fifteen minutes until we decided the music was too lame and went back to Tony's dorm but not before freeloading their vegetables and dip.

Above, because Tony's room is so cool I kept all of the background in the image. Scarf: Metropolitan Museum of Art. Neville Longbottom "My Hero" t-shirt: Hot Topic, gift. Jeans: Levi's 504 slouch straight. Socks: HotSox. Shoes: Steve Madden. Lensless glasses: Goodwill.

Above, Tony on the left, Jeffrey on the right. Their door is green. It is much cooler than our red door. :(


Now I shall wax philosophical.

When people say that college is harder, I have to agree. The work is harder, but there's less of it. The material is more challenging, but professors don't assign busy work (as I have seen so far). Academically speaking I am thrilled by the challenge.

But I think it is bad that I am the kind of person who can very easily withdraw from all social activity just to do schoolwork. And I think it's even worse than I don't really mind doing it. I think Sunshine puts it best, there being two me's, Social Me and Scary Me (aka Me In School Mode).

But I take it as a good sign that I am having very little trouble adjusting.

Well, I have homework that I should be doing. So nothing's new.
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Dear Tony,

Sorry that I ran into you at Target mere hours after BARTing home with you and JLiu! Wearing this:

Above, headband: Chinatown. Basketball t-shirt: from my sad days playing basketball at my K-8. Yellow shorts: childhood. Socks: gift. Rain boots: J. Crew.

Above, this picture bears a strange resemblance to this one:

I am bad and do not keep promises to myself to not go home the first week of college. Peer pressure from the 30 other people from my high school at Cal = go home.

(Dear Jeffrey, sorry for sleeping in your bed with your sheets and your pillow. But for the record I put a shirt over your pillow so I don't think I drooled on it...)

(And to the loud girl who visited Tony's dorm, I am not anyone's girlfriend.)

[EDIT: Oh, Tony, you lucky bug. This is my 300th post.

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So, like

I'm sitting in Tony's room while he and JLiu play Super Smash Bros. on the Wii.

My English teacher is super convoluted. Example from lecture notes on "Tintern Abbey": "What matters is to handle the sense of 'again' by building (dialectically) to a fuller sense of 'now' and 'this' that he could have realized before challenged by 'again.'"


In other news, here's a picture of the cups my roommate and I happened to have (they conveniently spell something out), and a mini Furby her very cool brother brought:

(If you can't tell, the middle cup is a U. FUX.)
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I'm thinking of you

My first collage... because I have MS Paint.

Photo credits: Forever21, girlprops, foto_decadent

I may be a little mentally slutty. Maybe.
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It is a bad sign...

...that I like these pictures from the blog called Sexy People, via thrillist:

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I Am The Walrus.

Cal is really effing hot.

I think walking across campus and up and down four flights of stairs several times a day qualifies as the most exercise I've had in the past four years. Combined.

I have homework.

I keep skipping meals because we have so much fruit smuggled from the dining halls that I feel guilty letting it sit there and rot.

This dude on my floor has 1) amazing sunglasses, 2) amazing dorky computer nerdiness (the best!), and 3) AMAZING sideburns. I want to be his friend. Please talk to me more! Impromptu Floor FroYo Night was successful yesterday, and we can try the bus next time.

I am listening to Amelie music because it is the only way I can shut out other noises without distracting myself from my textbook reading.

And now, something very exciting! Real outfit post! Hipster:

Above, lensless glasses: Goodwill. Bowtie: DIY. T-shirt: Napoleon in War Paint, Threadless. Floral shorts: mother's. Black tights: generic. White canvas shoes: Payless.

Above, huge lock of hair.

Above, isn't this water fountain lovely. I don't know why the RA has a closet, you know. What is in it?

Above, yeah, so my roommate took these pictures for me. YAY! Despite their blurriness.

Above, I bought these for $8 from some street vendor on the way back from class yesterday. I was going to get the red ones (more Lolita-from-the-movie-ish) but I already have red Wayfarer knockoffs, so I went for the pink.

Here is a slightly edited picture of me wearing them:

I cannot decide if I look more like a walrus or like Mr. Arber.

Above, here is my bow tie.
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My recent Hainan trip.

Hainan island, in chinese (Hainan Dao), located at the southest part of China. It's is my dearest mom's and grand-aunt birth place. This trip is organised by my uncle. We have 8 adults and 5 kids going on board to Hainan. My first time travel with such a big group of relatives and friends. It was a good experience.

We board with Air Asia plane to Haikou airport, suprised to find that the airport is quite small. Took a airport bus to Haikou Hotel to check-in. This is a 3 star business hotel, which locate inside the shopping centre at the heart of the city. Their lobby is locate on 2nd floor, check out the ceiling, decorate with bamboo sheets. Our hotel room beds is very comfy, with good mattress!! Clean toilet with no bath tubs but shower room. I'm pleased.

This is the view from our hotel balcony. Notice there's a garden lake on the opposite side.

There are many shops and malls along the hotel. Very convenient way to shop around, but the weather was horribly hot and walking under the sun makes you sweat like a pig. I saw everyone carrying an umbrella under the hot sun, hence i bought one too. End up each of us has one, the umbrellas here are very colorful with floral print.

First 3 days, we stayed and tour Haikou, which is the capital of Hainan. Haikou city and buildings and roads are like bangkok. No big, widen roads can be seen here on city centre and no bumpy roads. :) You only see bumpy roads when you visit the outskirt or village area. Their highways are wide. Siting in a taxi here would be quite "exciting", as the drivers drive from one lane to the opposite lane. It's madness, but here is better than Hanoi taxi drivers.

Along the hotel, it has many shop lots selling apparels. Most of shops has sales, probably Olympic season. I bought a skirt for 20rmb, and a blouse for 10rmb. Very cheap indeed after discounts. We went to this small complex call 第一 场 (Di Yi Guang Chang) to buy some cloth. This complex has 2 floors. first floor sells mostly curtains, and second floor - cloths. After we bought the cloth, we took it to tailor made. There's a row of tailors and fabric shop next to the complex. Along the shops, it looks like 新街 (San Kai) or some old streets in Penang. I did a Cheongsam dress for myself, the cost of the cloth and tailor made only cost not more than 100rm!! Is very cheap!! :)) I would recommend anyone who visit China, should get your clothes tailor made.

If you stroll along the street before reaching Di Yi Guang Chang, you will see alot of shops selling kitchenwares, stationaries, chinese festive accessories, herbs and tea, chinese musical instruments and even pets!! Over here, you can bargain the price if you by more.

There are too many malls along the main road!! We don't have time to walk this street call Jie Fang Xi Lu. When we took a taxi, we past one of the lane where a stretch of shoe shops!! Which makes our eyes pop! We're just too tired to shop anymore. I guess Haikou is a shopping city too!

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Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog

My brother is awesome. You should watch Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, which is not on YouTube but is a video, so I am tagging this post as youtube.

Oh, I do love musicals. Dr. Horrible is in love with a girl whom he accidentally introduces to his archenemy, Captain Hammer. Here are some lyrics from girl:

"Here's a story of a girl who grew up lost and lonely,
Thinking love was fairy tale and trouble was made only for me.
Even in the darkness, every color can be found
and every day of rain brings water flowing to things growing in the ground."

Okay actually this excerpt sounds hokey, but it is getting really late and two girls from our floor are staying in our room because their roommate threw up on the floor, and I can't be bothered to watch it again. There are some HILARIOUS lyrics in there though. The video is hilarious. Okay obviously it is late and I am not very eloquent. Right-o.

P. S. And one of the girls sleeping in here just said she wished she had "a quiet Asian girl roommate too" like my roommate has (ME!) haha.
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DUDE! My roommate did drama in high school with ZAC EFRON.

Okay so apparently he is a good actor. It's just that he's only had pretty cheesy roles so far.

Uh... I would put a picture up but there aren't any decent ones with him and a shirt on the first page of Google.
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Cal means

Blogging has become incredibly difficult.
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Food in Bangkok!

I love Emporium shopping mall, they have 4 sections of food halls here, all on the 5th floor. If you are not familiar with finding the food halls, you will end up like me here. First of all, we were looking for decent food hall. Walking and finding we found Park Food Hall, it features some exclusive restaurants like Crystal Jade, Nippon Kai, Olive, Thai Gourtmet...etc, pretty pricey here, one dish around 200baht above. All the food halls were at the same floor, but its' kinda huge you can get lost here if you are not familiar. We ended up eating not-so-nice food from Food Hall Take Home. Oh my goodness, we were siting near the food counter eating pre-heat food, cause we can't find a decent, reasonable priced food hall. The place we sat were surrounded with desserts counter, bakery counter. On the opposite site, there's are a few nicely decorated english style garden chairs and table-like restaurant which serves colorful cupcakes, and varieties of cakessss makes me thought of Harrods in London. *droolsss*

I ordered this Thai dessert called Thong Yod. This is made from heavily beaten egg yolk blended with wheat or rice flour. It contains sweet syrup inside. Too sweet for my liking though. Strangely enough, these desserts are not of pure Thai origin but are derived from Portuguese sweets.

Thong yod

You should also try some of the most common Thai desserts include the egg-yolk desserts; Thong Yip (Pinched Gold), and Foi Thong (Golden Threads). Thong simply means Gold. The color of these three desserts is a yellow-like golden color from the egg yolk, and is used to signify prosperity and auspiciousness. Often used in wedding ceremonies or commemoration of a new house as well.

We strolled along the stalls and look for something new to suprise us. Well, guess what we were outside another food hall. Look inside of the food hall, see lots of food stalls selling stuff which we all wanted to try- beef noodle soup, braise ducks. All are resonably priced. ARghhhhhhh!!! We just ate and were still full, and not able to feed ourselves anymore by ordering the food here. So disappointed that we didn't found this place earliar. A big sigh.... Anyway love this food hall to bits, the interior is Ikea- like, clean and quiet.

At evening, we decided to try Siam House Restaurant, recommended by a friend. Located on the left side of the small lane next to Asia Hotel, bangkok. There is no difficulties in ordering the food, as the menu comes with pictures. This restaurant cooks authentic thai food, everything is delicious and nicely cook.

Tomyum Gong

Tom Kha - This soup is made with coconut milk, galangal, lemongrass and chicen.

Fried fish.

Fish cake.

Cabbage with fried pork inside.

Overall the food quality and standard is good and cheap too. I've got to say that bangkok is a shopping city, you can shop till drop here for ladies! There's so many malls here. I've went to Platinum mall, walking and shop at one floor is already energy-sapping. The rest of the floors in the mall I'm just too tired to see anymore but just walk through.
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I'm aiming low... if (when) I get straight C's, I won't be disappointed! Class starts on Wednesday.

This is the wall above my bed with my strange Celtic (or something) calendar that I did not pick out, some of my necklaces on pushpins, and notes to myself saying "Dear Self, STOP SLOUCHING!" and "Today you are perfect":

This is my semi-pathetic accessories box (a Sally Hansen nail kit box):

These are some of my clothes hanging out on my furniture because they're stinky from eating at a Taiwanese restaurant/the fact that I didn't shower for about 40 hours because I left my flip-flops at home and had to buy a pair at Walgreen's:

These are my hanging clothes, hanging out in the closet (I did not use all 70 hangers):

This is my top drawer:

This is the second drawer:

Gosh, all these neutral colors are really depressing.

This is my room key with a new Winnie the Pooh and the Domo-kun Spenser gave me:

This is a sticker that I got for free today and thought was cool... or at least amusing:

This is my ultra-pro Batman watch:

And this is what I (sort of) wore today (sort of meaning that I was told to change into something more exciting for the Greek Carnival... so I took off my pants):

Above, lens-less glasses: Goodwill. Cal t-shirt: Cal Student Store. Halter dress: delia's. Tights: Forever21. Oxfords: Payless.

So yeah. These pictures were taken with my camera's self-timer, with the camera sitting on top of the fridge I smuggled in. So the background is my roommate's side of the room. (Sorry!)

P. S. Lens-less glasses are a really good conversation starter. And cute guys who run tables at Caltopia like lens-less glasses. Oh, yes.

Conversation of the day (note, Kyle is my "favorite white kid with a medieval peasant haircut," and for the record I have met new people):

ME: Y'know, I feel awfully incestuous only hanging around people from [our high school].
KYLE: Incestuous?
ME: Yeah! Y'know, like -
KYLE: Well it's not like we're fucking each other.
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