The Met Post

Gah, these posts are annoying.

Above, GuanYin!

Above, demented camel!

Above, sort of creepy.

Above, the sheer size is mind-boggling.

Above, especially when you go up close and see the shading going on... IN MOSAIC TILES.

Above, DUDE! It's the freaking GOSPEL.

Above, I believe the plaque for this read something like "Emaciated Woman." I am not kidding.

Above, I love how small the people are.

Above, HAHAHA! Uh. It makes me think of Zabumafu.


Above, har har har. I am elephant.

Above, Theseus slaying the Minotaur! Man, I am such a geek.

Above, good hair.

Above, baaaad hair.

Above, FREAKY! Makes me think of Dr. T. J. Eckleberg.

Above, explanation for the eyes. Dude. Copper nipples? I am totally in.

Above, HAHAHA! Yeah sorry my finger is in this picture.

Above, a satyr.

Above, aging bronze should be its own color. I hope this is bronze.

Above, man with Cheekbones.

Above, whee! Artemis. I think.

Above, draping! Man, just imagine the hours all that draping took to sculpt.

Above, precious. Cupid is napping. (Just like in my life.)

Above, freaky thing. My miniature caption says that the thing in the foreground is so creepy that my camera refused to focus on it and instead focused on something in the background (which it did).

Above, I have never seen the "What has four legs in the morning, two at noon, three in the evening? Man" thing before.


Above, SUPERFREAKY. Pair of chubby legs on lizard, at the feet of someone's reclining body.

Above, meh. I don't know what this says. But isn't it cool? Oh, wait. I hope this isn't the funeral inscription.

Above, the floor. (Haha. That makes no sense out of context. Above, the floor.)

Above, boy with no eyes! Refer to the photo of the Dr. T. J. Eckleberg's eyes.

Above, heehee! Devilish.

Above, okay, my mom is on the side for size reference. It's like, okay, that's not that big... until I read the plaque.

Above, IT'S A CANDELABRUM? How big was the freaking candle?!

Above, what a Mulan moment! Unfortunately it is an Athenian boy cutting off his hair to join the army, not a Chinese girl cutting off her hair to take her father's place in the army.

Above, so moody. Look at those eyes.
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