Bu De Bu Ai

This is what I wore to go pick fruit in 90+ degrees weather. Obviously I am very smart about dressing for the weather.

Above, headband: neckerchief from some Chinese store. White ruffled cropped blouse: Esprit. Blue t-shirt underneath that you can see through my blouse: Old Navy pajamas, gift. PE shorts: Community Thrift. Black tights: generic. Shoes: Payless.

Above, the ruffled front of the very strange blouse. It is strange because the horizontal shoulder seams fall in front of my shoulders, and there are bust darts somewhere in the vicinity of my bellybutton. And it is cropped. Seriously, who came up with this?

Above, this hurt my toes.

Above, my incredibly filthy third-day hair, braided, hair waxed, and bandana'd into submission.

I feel a bit like Rosie the Riveter.

Above, do I look like I just got punched?
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