I'm aiming low...

...so if (when) I get straight C's, I won't be disappointed! Class starts on Wednesday.

This is the wall above my bed with my strange Celtic (or something) calendar that I did not pick out, some of my necklaces on pushpins, and notes to myself saying "Dear Self, STOP SLOUCHING!" and "Today you are perfect":

This is my semi-pathetic accessories box (a Sally Hansen nail kit box):

These are some of my clothes hanging out on my furniture because they're stinky from eating at a Taiwanese restaurant/the fact that I didn't shower for about 40 hours because I left my flip-flops at home and had to buy a pair at Walgreen's:

These are my hanging clothes, hanging out in the closet (I did not use all 70 hangers):

This is my top drawer:

This is the second drawer:

Gosh, all these neutral colors are really depressing.

This is my room key with a new Winnie the Pooh and the Domo-kun Spenser gave me:

This is a sticker that I got for free today and thought was cool... or at least amusing:

This is my ultra-pro Batman watch:

And this is what I (sort of) wore today (sort of meaning that I was told to change into something more exciting for the Greek Carnival... so I took off my pants):

Above, lens-less glasses: Goodwill. Cal t-shirt: Cal Student Store. Halter dress: delia's. Tights: Forever21. Oxfords: Payless.

So yeah. These pictures were taken with my camera's self-timer, with the camera sitting on top of the fridge I smuggled in. So the background is my roommate's side of the room. (Sorry!)

P. S. Lens-less glasses are a really good conversation starter. And cute guys who run tables at Caltopia like lens-less glasses. Oh, yes.

Conversation of the day (note, Kyle is my "favorite white kid with a medieval peasant haircut," and for the record I have met new people):

ME: Y'know, I feel awfully incestuous only hanging around people from [our high school].
KYLE: Incestuous?
ME: Yeah! Y'know, like -
KYLE: Well it's not like we're fucking each other.
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