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What the HELL? Why has it taken me so long to hear this?

Sorry for really useless posts.

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ow ow ow ow ouch this really hurts

I need to stop reading

so much for no regret

so it's not UCLA.

same idea.

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swimsuit issue

Oh, look. Asian models for Forever21's swimwear line! Exciting!

But this chick has no waist. I don't know why that bothers me so much.

I also doubt Forever21 swimwear would actually be swim-in-able.

[EDIT: Wait. Not Asian? Part Asian? Aiyah. All look same.]
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that's got to be uncomfortable

This is a little embarrassing, but right now I feel like... insides are made of glitter.

I want shiny things, and a featherduster, and crystals.
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armed to the teeth

Above, Silver/Black Leather Bangle by kiskastyle, $24 on etsy

Above, "armed to the teeth..." by StrongBeads, $42 on etsy

Yet again, I don't really know where these cravings are coming from, but I so need jewelry right now.
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“Thank you,” she insisted.

Those were the next two words she ever said to me, and wow, I don’t know why but her voice went off in my head like a symphony. A great symphony. A sweet symphony. A great-fucking-sweet symphony. I don’t know what I’m saying. I know absolutely shit about symphonies.

House of Leaves, Mark Z. Danielewski, via align, via finallyseeing
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naked and angry

Above, Raindrops by Michael Christoff, $35 at Naked & Angry

Oh, I like.
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rainy days and mondays...

...always get me down.

This is an open letter to those special people who contributed to my rainy Monday morning.

To the girl on BART who was almost hugging the pole by the door despite the train being so crowded it kind of looked like the Japanese fail train, you don't need an entire pole to yourself. You are not a stripper, or if you are, you don't need to practice on crowded public transportation. Strippers, in fact, don't even need entire poles to themselves. They can share. Sharing is caring. Taking an entire pole for yourself is not. Especially when there are two really short girls behind you who can't reach the overhead railing and continually tip over when the train pulls into the station.

To the girls seated to my left in linguistics, I too like linguistics and agree that sounding out words can help your understanding of the articulatory processes going on, but I'd rather listen to the professor than to you repeating the affricates in "Judge Judy" over and over.

To the boy and girl seated to my right in linguistics, I would really appreciate it if you didn't giggle to each other about physics and how boring linguistics is while taking up two of the few seats in the front rows. Also, I know this might be expecting too much, but I would LOVE if you, girl to my right, would stop jiggling your leg around. Has it occurred to you that you may have Restless Leg Syndrome? Somehow, I doubt it. I think you are just Very Annoying.

To people who get to class early and sit on the edge of a row/take the aisle seat, I hope every single person who has to climb over you accidentally sideswipes you in the face with their backpacks.

To Zappos, you stock defective boots.

To Hunter, your rain boots leaked within my first wear. I am having the rain boot experience from HELL.

[ADDENDUM: To young smokers, please die quietly before you make me die.]

[EDIT: On the bright side, Zappos really does have FANTASTIC customer service. New Hunters, I eagerly await your arrival.]
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douchebag mittens

The first wave of quizzes, midterms, and papers is over. Have two outfits.

Above, jacket: no idea. Jeans: delia's. Socks: gift. Oxfords: Payless.

Above, cardigan: Uniqlo. T-shirt: Berkeley Student Store. Mittens: gift. Jeans: Levi's. Shoes: Keds. Necklace: garage sale + DIY.

So a guy I used to do theater with gave me these J. Crew mittens for Christmas one year, but now he's in college and he joined a douche-y frat and drinks a lot and is unkind to the ladies. Unfortunately, when people give me things to wear, I tend to think of them every time I wear them. Since I own only one pair of mittens, I think of the douchebag I used to be friends with more often than I would like.

Thanks anyway, though. My phalanges are warm.
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When a lady is wearing short-shorts, a lady's jacket should either be considerably longer or considerably shorter so as to avoid seeming to suggest that said lady is wearing nothing underneath said jacket.

However, in the event that a lady finds herself wearing short-shorts and her sole rain jacket, and in the event that it is raining, she must follow the Least Inseam Scandal Deflector (LISD). Very simply, the LISD is the inseam of the shortest shorts that could be worn with a given jacket without causing scandal. For all cases, the inseam must extend at least to the bottom of the jacket's back hem, as the movement from walking will cause the jacket to occasionally slip upward, exposing the bottom hem of the shorts, thereby expelling any suspicions that the lady may be unclad underneath.

Above, jacket: don't know. Brown thermal: Kohl's. Tank top: Old Navy. Shorts: hand-me-down. Leggings: Rite Aid. Socks: Nordstrom. Shoes: Keds.
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I fall asleep in hospital parking lots

Above, hat: H&M. Black longsleeve: Target. T-shirt: Threadless. Jeans: Levi's. Socks: Target. Shoes: Palladium.

I'm taking it as a very good sign that my sleep schedule is working because it is 11:30, and my body is just not going to stay awake anymore.
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My lack of foresight led me to conclude that when UK bloggers were talking about "revising" for finals, they were editing and rewriting. I thought to myself, "I'm glad I'm not in the UK. Sounds like they have to write a lot of papers. I wonder what kind of revising you do for math papers..."

And then I read that interview with Dev Patel (whilst on a Slumdog Millionaire high because I only just watched it, as Sunshine and my plan to watch Coraline in 3-D was thwarted by small children and a sold-out show) talking about how his mom told him he could revise for his science exam on the train going to his Skins audition.

I wondered how uncomfortable that would be, trying to proofread on public transportation.

I now realize "revise" means something along the lines of study or review.

Thanks to this British slang search, I also now know about these words:

mahusive (adj.) immense, sizeable, great

spatchcock (v.) to add a phrase, clause, or sentence in a context that is inappropriate

kosher (adj.) correct, legitimate

no oil painting (phrase) of a person, not attractive

swot up (v.) to study hard

Yeah. Time for me to swot up.
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monotony is pretty

All I've been drinking this past week.

Temptation to stain a lot of stationery with tea. Then again, I have little use for stationery, as the last letter I intended to send has been sitting in my desk since January.
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underneath it all

Overdressing for Chinese New Year banquets is my specialty. I actually wore shoes with lower heels and without ankle straps because it was pouring.

Coat: mother's, Saks Fifth Avenue. Dress: some store in Berkeley. Tights: gift. Shoes: Payless.

Taking pictures without natural sunlight can get really difficult. And that's when cheap photo-editing comes in to produce my artsy (grainy, yellow) photos.

And the actual colors. (Honestly, one photo per outfit will usually suffice; five is overkill. Unless you're me. My stunning features and body of a goddess warrant enough photos to satiate the public's appetite.)

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camera diarrhea

Singlehandedly the scariest thing I have ever wrapped. Inside is a tube of BADgal.

February calendars...

My little cousin's watercolors:

Because Sunshine is contagious, my fabulous watch:

From my ESPM discussion, some of what goes into a cup of coffee:

I chose the red pill:

(For the record, it's a multivitamin. Because colds are going to start going around in the next week or two, according to Ms. Melvin's six-week rule.)

The death of me, and a part of life I can credit Ling-Ling for introducing to me:

My little cousin's valentine to me:

And... my new love.

Oh, IPA.
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better than porn

Oh my goodness. This is porn of the best kind.

The Three Graces Fine Antique Jewelry

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counting is easy

Because my idea of (ahem) a bomb diggity Friday is one that involves frolicking down the aisles of Whole Foods while discussing zombie games, High School Musical 3 for the Wii, relatives and little cousins, my nine-year-old cousin playing DJ on YouTube (and playing in succession "I'm Yours," "You and Me," and "I Kissed A Girl"), Indian food, Coldstone's strawberry ice cream cake, Spongebob books, my little cousin's permanent teeth growing in (!) and her learning to read, references to Rocko's Modern Life ("Wooden legs... wooden arms... wooden eyes, too!"), and a little bit of productivity.

Counting is easy! Let's count to five.


It's so easy to fall in love with Michelle Obama. "...we want to bring the youth in, for them to hear their voices in this."


"For most people, fashion week is like a mysterious, impenetrable zoo of pretty people and wackadoo clothes where editors and buyers point at peach-fuzzy models with their free hand and sip Cosmos or pet tiny Asian men with the other." - prettylegit


Bryan decided we all needed to watch The Fellowship of the Ring last night, so we started (but never finished. Oh, college students. No stamina. It was only 10 PM, and Shiva and I were about to keel over). Anyway, I forgot how epic (and I mean that in the original sense of the word) this trilogy is. And I'm wondering to myself why I didn't buy Aragorn's badass ring. ($129 from Noble Collection)


You must
have seen this by now, but that doesn't make it any less entertaining. Time lapse of a baby playing with his toys:

FIVE, where you can adopt words like
redamancy (noun)
1. act of loving in return
And because this took me so long to write, Happy Valentine's Day.
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you could turn me into earrings

"But this is Mugatu, Derek. Right now, this guy is so hot... he can take a crap, wrap it in tin foil, put a couple of fishhooks on it, and sell it to Queen Elizabeth as earrings."

For going out. Hell yes, I do feel like hot shit.

Above, blazer: City Triangles via Goodwill. Black dress: Old Navy. Tights (with new runs that bring tears to my eyes): DKNY. Patent platform pumps: Payless. Unintentional alliteration: my dignity.
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the secret

I'm feeling a little Veronicas lately.

P. S. This whole Early To Bed, Early To Rise thing is working out really well for me. This semester is infinitely better than the last.
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don't know why

For reasons unknown, this Vogue Italia editorial from 2008 is really appealing. Well, I was always a sucker for plaid.

And... this one's for the cool kids only... MALABAR!

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