My lack of foresight led me to conclude that when UK bloggers were talking about "revising" for finals, they were editing and rewriting. I thought to myself, "I'm glad I'm not in the UK. Sounds like they have to write a lot of papers. I wonder what kind of revising you do for math papers..."

And then I read that interview with Dev Patel (whilst on a Slumdog Millionaire high because I only just watched it, as Sunshine and my plan to watch Coraline in 3-D was thwarted by small children and a sold-out show) talking about how his mom told him he could revise for his science exam on the train going to his Skins audition.

I wondered how uncomfortable that would be, trying to proofread on public transportation.

I now realize "revise" means something along the lines of study or review.

Thanks to this British slang search, I also now know about these words:

mahusive (adj.) immense, sizeable, great

spatchcock (v.) to add a phrase, clause, or sentence in a context that is inappropriate

kosher (adj.) correct, legitimate

no oil painting (phrase) of a person, not attractive

swot up (v.) to study hard

Yeah. Time for me to swot up.
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