month one

Some of the things I have been thankful for in the past month:
  • Metronomy's "A Thing For Me"
  • the de Young's Yves Saint Laurent exhibit
  • Tylenol
  • Kyo's mother tucking me into my sleeping bag
  • The Prestige
  • Get Smart
  • showering with a different body wash which made my sweat like a very interesting sticky perfume
  • the guy who gave me floss at UCLA
  • udon at SFO
  • the smell of wet concrete and grass
  • Marc and his understanding my difficulty finding sober non-Christians
  • classical music
  • the cashier at Peet's who said he hoped I would feel better
  • eating vegetarian
  • crepes at Westfield with my mother
  • zombie shooting games
  • garlic
  • my family's history of winning things in raffles
  • seeing Marc awake later than 11 PM
  • this beautifulmazing weather
  • that I have "the hot GSI"
  • ironing
  • waking up early
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