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this blog sucks right now

so I am taking a hiatus

until this weekend, probably

which isn't very long

but it is hard to break a habit, you know
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thank you have a nice day

KEVIN: (trying to will self to write paper for Slavic Lit class) Paper, paper...
BRYAN: Plastic, plastic...
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I wish I had a functional camera...

...and not a webcam. You can't even tell what color my cardigan is. This sucks. Here is what I wore yesterday:

Above, purple cardigan: Uniqlo. Gray Berkeley t-shirt: Cal Student Store. Key necklace: DIY. Jeans: delia's. Socks: gift. White canvas shoes: Payless.

Above, don't my body/head/hands look disproportionate in this picture?

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Lunch @ Pizza Uno!!!

Last friday, took a day off have lunch with my beau at an Italian Restaurant for a change. We used to go to Pizza Uno at Taipan, Subang Jaya. Located next to burger king. Now they have shifted to the back row of burger king. Which is next to KFC, same row with TM, Maxis, and some eletrical shops.
This new-look of Pizza Uno has 3 floors! I remembered the old pizza uno only has one floor, and it's always packed during dinner time. Now over here they can cater more diners. They served very good pastas and pizzas, a must try is the carbonara. :)

My frend ordered the carbonara, as usual. I took my order from the dish of the day - 1/2 roasted chicken with fettucine. As tasty as always!

2 person's meal around 60rm plus.
Good service.
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holy BALLS

UCSB's Naked Voices with "All By Myself":

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I am in no way a beauty blogger (or much of a beauty person myself), but DAMN, this nail polish from MAC is crazy:

That is, if the shade called "$$$$$" ($11) actually looks like that in real life. (Not sure how it would be possible for it to be so... shiny...) It makes me think the model's nails were covered in gum wrapper foil. YUM.
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Really Effing Good

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vintage Paper Dress at Fashion Nation
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Kelantan Malay Cuisine - Belanga Restaurant

Everytime when we were in Mid Valley or Gardens. When comes to food, I will automatically pick my favourite porridge food stall which I think the best porridge in Mid Valley. Stands next to Shilin Taiwan Snacks food stall. Located at the ground floor which connects Gardens and Mid Valley. There you will see a row of restaurants such as Yo Sushi, Nyonya Colours, Manhattan Fish etc...

Exceptionally, today I'm gonna try Malay cuisine - belanga Restaurant!!

First of all, I smelled the nice aroma comes from this restaurant. Secondly, I remembered that alot of times they have alot people eating here. So must be they served good food!!

Hence I was right. :)

We ordered a lemon grass drink, thought it gonna be same taste as the ones in Bangkok. Well...nope!! Totally different taste, still prefer the Bangkok ones, coz is sweeter.

Ooo tis is something interesting. I had never see such a thing call Nasi Tumpang. It was in the menu. So i ordered it.

It's one of the kelantan food. Rice packed in a cone-shaped banana leaf. A pack of Nasi Tumpang consists of an omelette, meat floss, chicken and/or shrimp curry and sweet gravy. It is traditionally meant for travellers. Tadaaaa!!! This is how it looks like inside the wrapping. It taste yummie, the rice is somewhat sticky and the combination of meat, omellete and shrimps....Thumbs up!!

A dish ordered by my frend, Nasi dagang with beefi!! I like their brown rice, so tastiee and the beef not bad.

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Dinner at Hakka Rang, Kota Damansara

Dinner at this new place Hakka Rang, was quite pleasant. A little pricey though. It was a new experience on tasting Hakka food. Around 7pm, the restaurant was full of ppl, luckily we were able to grab a table outside of the restaurant.

A must try salted chicken with rice if you come for Hakka food. It was of coz salty, but luckily it didn't exceed my tolerance of saltiness. :)

Free corn soup!!

Rice with Fried Crispy Pork...yummie

Yam abacus (算盘子)! This is the first time tasting it. A popular dish among Hakka food. Very unique, it's made of yam and some flour....A must try!

Look what I've found from wikipedia when google on Yam abacus:

"This is suan pan zi (算盘子). the disc-like"object", which is made of yam and flour, looks like the counters in chinese abacus (算盘) and hence the name of the dish. This is a popular traditional Hakka (客家) dish and it is popular in taiwan too."

Hakka Rang,

13-1, Jln PJU5/18,

Dataran Sunway,

Kota Damansara,

Petaling Jaya.

Tel: 03- 6156 9701
Business Hour12 pm – 3 pm, 6 pm – 10 pm, closed on Mondays

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Cheap eats - Restaurant Bilal

It's been quite some time on updating my food tasting adventures in KL. I remembered I have a day off on 8th August 08, went around town to explore on food.

Lunch we decided to dine on this unpretentious place - Restaurant bilal, which serves northern indian food. Claim to be one of the best indian food and cheap! :) Heard from my frend this restaurant exist since childhood, around 20 yrs ago.

some vege...forgot the name or mayb no name. :P

Ooooo this beef is so terribly hard to cut them off, coz they came in big chunks. Amazingly when u put them in the mouth and chew, is wonderfully tender!! My friend says they used to serve very tender beef, more tender than this. Now not so.

Curry chic--ken.

My favourite dish- nasi briyani, very tasty and i love it ohh so much!! I wish that I could cook such tasty nasi briyani for myself.
2 persons meal on total bill less than 20rm or 18rm. :)

Bilal Restoran
33 Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
50450 Wilayah Persekutuan,
Tel:03-2078 0804
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awesome: egg rings

Above, Emotional Egg Heads by jujulee, $18 at etsy
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Spot the Blogger

on The Cho Show

Thanks, Spenser!
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WOAH! Pop nightmare!

The song itself starts at around the 1-minute mark. The ending is AMAZING. Again, DeCadence from UC Berkeley, this time performing a medley of pop songs:

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How come I've never clicked the eyewear section of etsy? You get awesome things like these, the first of which isn't technically eyewear:

Above, Brown Moustache Disguise by lupin, $14 at etsy

Above, Bird Mask, purple by lupin, $20 at etsy

Above, Imperial Horticulturist Steampunk Goggles by MadArtjewelry, $43 at etsy
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I'm not sure if this is a literary reference...

But it would be really awesome if it were. Dubliners FTW! (And it's green and orange, too.)
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So I joined Chictopia because the people at BARE magazine said it was like FaceBook for fashion. And because Connie of PrettyLegit said so. And because Marcus said so. (OMG. He dresses so well. I have a fashion crush.)

So (a couple of) my outfits were rated "doubtful," which really made me laugh because if I saw someone else wearing my clothes I would probably wtf too, but now I'm wondering, am I supposed to dress for the clothes or for other people (and, by extension, for me)? Or for neither of those things? Because, like, I like clothes but doesn't that mean to dress well I need expensive (and, by extension, high-quality) clothes? Or am I supposed to dress for the sake of fashion and follow trends? Or dress so that I look good (and, by extension, so other people can be aesthetically pleased too)?

I think it's supposed to be the last one, but what if I don't want to dress in flattering clothes all the time (and, by extension, what if I don't want to be the recipient of creepy old men's leers all the time)?


[EDIT: I also joined Polyvore recently and have found no use for it so far. I hope nobody shoots me.

I think the thing for me about Chictopia is that it's useless. It's just another medium in which to post outfits (which I can already do on this blog) and look at other people's outfits (which I can do through other people's blogs). Ha-ha, I'm definitely going to get shot for this.

And it seems like there always a few looks circulating through the blogosphere and I get sick of them. Microtrends circulate through the blogosphere, and it makes me about as sick as when big trends get to department stores and you look around and every girls' wearing denim miniskirts with leggings and Uggs (an old example, but the sentiment is there).

While I'm not going to deny that I think bloggers who dress (exactly) like some other bloggers and jump on the bandwagons of big-name bloggers look better than fashion-apathetic people and that I rarely see people who dress in real life as well as most bloggers out there dress in their photos, I still find myself having a huge problem with how Chictopia asks you to rate outfits... Because if everyone else rates you "chic," aren't we all trying to conform to one aesthetic?

Then again, nothing really is original anymore. I'M SO CONFUSED.]

[EDIT: Maybe I'm bitter? (But I don't really feel bitter, so I can't really tell..)]
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First Friday at Cal

[EDIT: Post edited.]

Marc is rather funny

MARC: Studying on a Friday afternoon?!
ME: Yes…What did you expect me to be doing?
MARC: Well, I don’t know, but not studying. I mean, it’s Friday afternoon, and even I’m not studying, and my idea of a Saturday well spent is a Saturday in the East Asian Library!

MARC: (drinking from CamelBak that is out of its backpack)
ME: What the…
MARC: It’s a bladder!

MARC: (walks in with orange in orange bowl)
ME: I like how you’re eating an orange in an orange bowl.
MARC: I only have one bowl.
MARIAH: Did I tell you about how we saw someone who looked like you at Jamba Juice, Marc?
MARC: Oh, yeah, Minnie told me but she didn’t say it was at Jamba Juice.
ME: It was your doppelganger. He eats blueberries. Out of a blue bowl.

During Taboo

(For the word “snooze”)
BRYAN: I always hit _____!
ME: Girls!

(For the word “closet”)
MARIAH: Gay people come _____!

MINNIE: Uh, they came here...
BRYAN: Aliens!
AMANDA: Pilgrims!
(She was right.)

(For the word "parent")

BRYAN: I never want to be one of these.

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I just finished my anthropology project. Procrastination is bad. This is what my finger looks like after drawing a semi-extensive family tree:

Alas! Scented markers.

This is part of what my floormates did for my birthday:

HAHA. The visible spectrum, according to Shiva who is in Bryan's and my astronomy class.
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So black and sexy

Well, I mean, not all of them are black and sexy (see "I Got A Crush On Obama") but it's my party and they're black and sexy if I want them to be.

Top to bottom: Fendi suede ankle boots, $730 at net-a-porter; Giuseppe Zanotti mirror embellished ankle boots, $995 at net-a-porter; Marc by Marc Jacobs patent leather pumps, $295 at net-a-porter; Miu Miu lightning bolt heel boots, $685 at net-a-porter; Stella McCartney Grace walking chemise, $275 at net-a-porter.
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HAHA you guys...

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From My Secret.

Above, you can't really read this one. It says "I can't stand my rooomate." This one's for Bryan.

My poorly worded non-secret on the back of a poem I printed out but didn't need to (what a waste of paper).
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My English professor's email included this gem:

The basic length is four to five pages. If you are very dense you can try three pages; if you are garrulous you should learn to control yourself.
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I got a crush on...

...the lead in this a cappella cover of "Apologize," sung by DeCadence:

Because they perform on Sproul and I watch them every time. D: I am NOT a stalker.

[EDIT: And the lead in this a cappella cover of "So Small," also sung by DeCadence:

He wears aviators (not in the video). I'm a sucker for aviators.]

[EDIT: OMG THAT'S SO NOT HIM IN "APOLOGIZE" but that's definitely him in "So Small." New respect for Carrie Underwood. Also rather fond of the lead in "Starlight":

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Ghetto II

Green printed thermal longsleeve: Kohl's. Vest: Nordstrom Rack. Floral slip: vintage, estate sale. Pink skirt: Nordstrom Rack. Black tights: generic. Shoes: Fafi for Adidas.

By the way, let me use a picture from yesterday to demonstrate:

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