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It's been quite some time on updating my food tasting adventures in KL. I remembered I have a day off on 8th August 08, went around town to explore on food.

Lunch we decided to dine on this unpretentious place - Restaurant bilal, which serves northern indian food. Claim to be one of the best indian food and cheap! :) Heard from my frend this restaurant exist since childhood, around 20 yrs ago.

some vege...forgot the name or mayb no name. :P

Ooooo this beef is so terribly hard to cut them off, coz they came in big chunks. Amazingly when u put them in the mouth and chew, is wonderfully tender!! My friend says they used to serve very tender beef, more tender than this. Now not so.

Curry chic--ken.

My favourite dish- nasi briyani, very tasty and i love it ohh so much!! I wish that I could cook such tasty nasi briyani for myself.
2 persons meal on total bill less than 20rm or 18rm. :)

Bilal Restoran
33 Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur
50450 Wilayah Persekutuan,
Tel:03-2078 0804
Contas Premium
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