So I joined Chictopia because the people at BARE magazine said it was like FaceBook for fashion. And because Connie of PrettyLegit said so. And because Marcus said so. (OMG. He dresses so well. I have a fashion crush.)

So (a couple of) my outfits were rated "doubtful," which really made me laugh because if I saw someone else wearing my clothes I would probably wtf too, but now I'm wondering, am I supposed to dress for the clothes or for other people (and, by extension, for me)? Or for neither of those things? Because, like, I like clothes but doesn't that mean to dress well I need expensive (and, by extension, high-quality) clothes? Or am I supposed to dress for the sake of fashion and follow trends? Or dress so that I look good (and, by extension, so other people can be aesthetically pleased too)?

I think it's supposed to be the last one, but what if I don't want to dress in flattering clothes all the time (and, by extension, what if I don't want to be the recipient of creepy old men's leers all the time)?


[EDIT: I also joined Polyvore recently and have found no use for it so far. I hope nobody shoots me.

I think the thing for me about Chictopia is that it's useless. It's just another medium in which to post outfits (which I can already do on this blog) and look at other people's outfits (which I can do through other people's blogs). Ha-ha, I'm definitely going to get shot for this.

And it seems like there always a few looks circulating through the blogosphere and I get sick of them. Microtrends circulate through the blogosphere, and it makes me about as sick as when big trends get to department stores and you look around and every girls' wearing denim miniskirts with leggings and Uggs (an old example, but the sentiment is there).

While I'm not going to deny that I think bloggers who dress (exactly) like some other bloggers and jump on the bandwagons of big-name bloggers look better than fashion-apathetic people and that I rarely see people who dress in real life as well as most bloggers out there dress in their photos, I still find myself having a huge problem with how Chictopia asks you to rate outfits... Because if everyone else rates you "chic," aren't we all trying to conform to one aesthetic?

Then again, nothing really is original anymore. I'M SO CONFUSED.]

[EDIT: Maybe I'm bitter? (But I don't really feel bitter, so I can't really tell..)]
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