I wish you'd disappear

Wall update:

Shh. I'm working on it.

But my roommate's wall puts my wall to shame:

She's got a massive Jimi Hendrix poster. Okay. Above, sunglasses: street vendor, Berkeley. T-shirt: Captain Awesome, Threadless. Dress: mother's. Batman watch: Target. Purple tights: Nordstrom?

Something's been up with my camera. I must figure out what is wrong.

Lincoln says that Scary Me vs. Social Me is the great struggle of college, and the only way to succeed in college is to let Scary Me dominate. Often.

I think I can do this.

Also, I regret not having Lincoln take my pictures when he was here earlier today because they would have looked so much cooler. And it's not like I am not a camera whore and he doesn't know it.
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