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Speaking of finishing old posts, my cousin wanted me to knit this hat for her:

Above, Schwartz from A Christmas Story.

It's really long and comes to a point at the end. If only I could knit non-rectangular items.
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There are certain people you just keep coming back to

So this post has been in the works for a long, long time, but I wanted to post it in 2008. So I am finishing it now.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I introduce to you my fashion roots. This is not an extensive list, but it covers a large part of my beginnings in fashion.

Let us begin with the exception that is unique in its non-literary origin.

Do you remember... DOLLZ? Oh, yes. I would have been embarrassed to admit it then, but now I have (comparably) little shame in declaring my fondness for what are essentially paper dolls online (and they come in pregnant versions too). Of course, in the adolescent stages of my romance with these pixelated ladies, I veered toward the cruder, less artful dollz (with a Z) called "Uniques," which I furtively assembled with drag-and-drop applets, too embarrassed by the disconnect between my newfound girlishness and my typical tomboy self (actually I think I was prepubescent at the time).

Happily, luckily, fortunately, that awkward adolescence ended and gave way to a slightly more refined taste in (pre-assembled) dolls that were art in pixels, and a burgeoning interest in Gothic Lolita fashion. Here are the dolls that are iconic to me, both from Swiss Cheese Army:

As you can see, this little girl aesthetic, a (terribly Asian) desire for overwhelming cuteness, was planted early on.

This is exemplified most clearly by my next longtime muse, manga. I am referring, in particular, to Ai Yazawa's Paradise Kiss.

This is Miwako. She is terribly, devastatingly cute (in a much more sexualized way), isn't she?

(Note: All manga pictures in this post are from here, here, or here. I'm pretty sure.)

More devastating cuteness:

Miwako with Arashi:

(See! Traces of Elegant Gothic Lolita!)

And finally, a different Paradise Kiss couple, Yukari and George:

Their supernatural beauty is truly disgusting.

Moving on, we have Miho Obana's Kodomo No Omocha with main character Sana Kurata sporting a (prodigious) variety of outfits and hairstyles throughout the series. However, this cover always stood out to me in particular:

And it has left me lusting for fingerless leather gloves, a leather choker (belt-style), and a red and white diamond-patterned dress since. (Not to mention the bad boy love interest with a penchant for enigmatic declarations of affection.)

My last OG manga inspiration is Ai Yazawa's Nana. I never did finish the manga series (I barely started, actually, before the movie came out (not that I've seen it yet)), but I was hooked beyond hope from the first book, with Nana Osaki's sick Vivienne Westwood name-dropping and Nana Komatsu's sweet, polished getups.

Above, Nana Osaki in a Vivienne Westwood jacket given to her by a fan.

Above, Nana Komatsu, cute (and pretty) beyond reason.

Above, Nana and Nana.

And one more gratuitous picture:

We are now nearing the end of this list with Philip Pullman's The Golden Compass. (I never finished The Amber Spyglass, but I did love what I read...)

See, now this doesn't even have pictures, let alone pictures of clothes. But for some reason, I have always wanted some kind of accessory resembling an alethiometer (or a pocket watch, or Hermione's Time-Turner) and never found one. I think I just like little pictures. And shiny gold things.

Finally, we have two of my favorite pieces of childhood literature. First up is The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle.

The colorful, holey foody-ness of it was what got me:

Above, picture taken from The Encyclolydia!

Last but not least is the amazing, amazing book by Marcus Pfister, The Rainbow Fish.

First off, it has a great moral message about sharing. Second, the octopus in the cave was scary! Third and most importantly, you cannot not love a book that has holographic fish scale stickers.

And that, my children, is why I love shiny things, bright yummy colors, old man and leather accessories, punk influences, and the frou-frou that is Elegant Gothic Lolita.

There may be more to come, if I can bring myself to assemble another massive post like this. Here are two mini-collages, because even though I don't like poorly-made collages, there are too many items to post individually.

[LOLI: Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Sock Dreams. SHINY: bluefly (Alice + Olivia), JCrew, Nordstrom (Converse), delia's.]
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out with the old

Might as well clear out my camera! I'm all about symbolic action, you know.

Here's my redic shelf, which holds a fraction - though a large one, a fraction, nonetheless - of my clothes when most of them are at home and not at school:

I don't know why I took a picture of this balloon weight anchor thing.

Victoria got me and Sunshine this Forever21 t-shirt (not that we share one shirt. I mean we each got one):

I always though it was "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil," but none of the merchandise I've seen ever has them in the right order. (I'm "see no evil," by the way. Victoria's "hear no evil," which leaves Sunshine as "speak no evil.")

And my brother got me The Tales of Beedle the Bard for Christmas. I read it today while bloated with fu cha (after going to yum cha wearing a Don't Show-cha Your Chocha skirt (is that enough cha?) and coming home and crashing on the floor for four hours). Harry Potter always makes me happy.

What Alice gave me:

Not just any mug. A handsome mug!

RANDOM SIDE NOTE because I was Google image searching variations of "handsome men" (which somehow yielded nastier results than my other attempts), "sexiest man alive," and "hottest male celebrities," and that last search term led me to male celebrities: When I read Twilight I kept thinking of Bella's dad as Gary Oldman in The Dark Knight. Talk about unrealistic crossovers.

SIDE NOTE TWO: Actually, Fabio didn't show up in any of the image results. I just remembered that my cousin was making gift tags for Christmas with everyone's faces, but she couldn't find a picture of my uncle in his younger, long-haired days, so she put Fabio instead.

LAST SIDE NOTE: The Fabio picture is called "fab.JPG" on my computer.

ANYWAY, here is the real mug:

Looking innocent and unmagical:

Totally magical!

Hee-hee! I am so easily amused.

For Christmas, my brother bought all the kids between and the ages of 5 and 25 Nerf guns. Here's mine and the (extremely uncomfortable but extremely hip-looking) headphones he got me:

This is the hat Justin and Griffin got me, which I think I will wear with my white dress so I can feel like Daisy Buchanan:

Here is what my mom and I watched on Monday night:

I so love this movie. Creepymazing Heath Ledger, heroic Gary Oldman, and Christian Bale in Armani? It doesn't get much better.

Above, blazer: Lauren by Ralph Lauren via Goodwill. Scarf: fake pashmina, gift, Chinatown. Pink sweater: Target. White v-neck tee: Hanes men's. Brown cords: delia's. Socks: H&M. Flats: Steve Madden via Ross.

Wearing this blazer with a scarf like this makes me look like an old woman.

I've decided that I don't care.

The desire to wear light brown on dark brown won out.

Here's the next one:

Above, scarf: Chinatown, gift. White long sleeve: Target. Polo: American Eagle, brother's. Jeans: Forever21. Shoes: Payless.

I wore this to the YFAT thing but had a coat on the whole time. For the sake of the world, I decided to wear pants.

The hat!

I am Spider-Man.

This is what I wore to yum cha/chug fu cha/crash:

Above, beanie: military surplus store, Haight. Jacket: gift. Tie: gift. T-shirt: Threadless. White longsleeve you can't really see: Old Navy. White skirt: Community Thrift Store. Leggings: delia's. Shoes: blowfish via delia's.

This was a "tie mandatory event."

And finally, an outfit I like, because my mother bought me this dress for Christmas, and I wore it for family Christmas pictures, which won't get printed for several months, as usual:

Above, dress and belt: Jones New York (for serious), gift. Tights: DKNY. Shoes: Lauren by Ralph Lauren.

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half a thousand

HUH! So somewhere along the line I hit 500 posts. What a scary thought.

So I am posting these before they become completely irrelevant.

Every year, my mom and I get new Christmas ornaments: one for her, one for me, and one for my brother. My brother used to come with us to buy them, but he's usually still in Irvine when we go now.

This year, my mom cheated and got these two in a set:

This is mine, from the Academy of Sciences:

And this photograph of my brother's tricycle is a testament to my (lack of) photography skillz:

Here is some of the stuff I wrapped:

And evidence that my Chinese handwriting looks like a kindergartener's:


The only use I have ever found for rainbow yarn:

The gifts my brother wrapped:

I thought it would be only fair to reciprocate and wrap his present in a similar manner:

Below are the shot glasses that I have no pictures of, all wrapped up in one box. I cut the top into four sections, so each of my cousins/my brother could randomly choose one section to open and, therefore, one shot glass.

A gift card is in this package under layers and layers:

And here's a progress shot of the "special occasion sweatshirt," though I have no picture of the final product:

And more snowflakes:

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