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*Exclusive* Limited Edition Nina L'Elixir Magical Lip Gloss

100% brand new & authentic by Nina Ricci. Only 1pc. First pay, first serve. No booking allowed.

*Seller illustration only :-P

Limited Edition Nina L'Elixir Magical Lip Gloss
~ New with box
~ Come with mirror
~ Color : Clear red color with glitter
~ Size : 4g
Worth : RM50++
Our Offer Price : RM45.00
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invalid & W1L 026: Write one leaf about looking at the sky.

In case anyone was interested in my medical history, I had my Tdap vaccination today (the day I'm writing this, which should be like ten days ago now). The nurse told me my arm would be sore for the next few days.

Add this to the fact that several days straight of zealous friendship bracelet-making has left me with tendonitis in both hands/wrists/arms, and we have an uncomfortable technology hiatus. (Why is technology so dependent on fully functional fingers? I have never been less than able-bodied in my life, and I was afraid I'd developed carpal tunnel syndrome judging by the tingling and shooting pains up both my arms and was trying to imagine life less my hands. It made me feel like a child or a very old person.

I suppose we leave this world the same way we enter it.

This post has become unexpectedly somber.

Have an outfit nearly identical to this recent one.)

Jacket: mother's, H&M. Ron Weasley t-shirt: gift. Skirt: secondhand, gift. Tights: generic. Shoes: Keds.

P. S. Happy birthday, Harry.

W1L 026: Write one leaf about looking at the sky.

PERSONAL CHALLENGE #9: Write in the style of someone whose writing you abhor.

This is a page long if you take out all the line breaks. To be fair, this isn't actually in the style of a particular someone whose writing I abhor, which was what I had originally intended. It's more like a combination of ambitious papers I've had to read for peer-editing, which is kind of cruel if you think about it. Using them for this prompt, I mean, not peer-editing. Although that is cruel, too.

While I was writing this, it was really interesting to me to see all the Very Good possibilities that each sentence could have grown into. It was also really interesting to see how painful it was to reject all those good possibilities and purposefully take wrong turns down dark paths of no salvation, and how all those wrong turns added up to make something that my mind keeps snagging on upon rereading.

Delicate pale skin set off by a pair of skimpy black Speedos. Expensive Gucci aviator sunglasses floating beside him on his inflatable pool bed. Cristobal didn’t need to wear them; the sun was nowhere to be found in the gloomy, colorless sky. He gave a melancholy sigh as he ran his fingers through his fine blond hair and stretched his back.

“Geraldo!” he called toward the house.

There was no reply.

“Geraldo!” he tried again, louder this time.

A beautiful slender boy, or perhaps a man, emerged from within the white house. His rich hazel eyes were large and innocent as a fawn, and his deeply tanned skin was in contrast to his robin-egg blue uniform polo shirt that all the staff wore.

“Cristobal sir?” he inquired with a light accent.

“Mangotini and tanning oil,” ordered Cristobal carelessly, without sparing him a glance.

Geraldo soon returned with the requested items and stood at the edge of the pool, waiting for Cristobal to drift over.

“Cristobal sir?” he hazarded.

“Bring them here,” Cristobal commanded. When Geraldo didn’t move, he rolled onto his stomach and rested his chin in his hands, demanding, “What are you waiting for? I don’t have all day.”

Geraldo shrugged to himself, took off his shirt and pants, carefully lowered himself into the pool, which wasn’t very deep, and waded over to Cristobal’s float, holding the bottle of tanning oil and the mangotini safely above the water.

“Thank you,” said Cristobal, taking the drink. “Just what I need to drown my sorrows in alcohol.”

Geraldo smiled at him with uncertainty.

“It’s such a terrible shame,” he continued. “Geraldo, I need my tanning oil,” he added offhandedly. “Here we are, surrounded by such decadence and wealth,” he gestured to the direction of the house, as Geraldo opened the bottle, “yet I can’t help but find that none of it is beautiful,” he explained.

Geraldo frowned, squeezing the oil onto his palms while saying softly, “Everything is beautiful, Cristobal sir.” He began rubbing the tanning oil onto Cristobal’s back, causing Cristobal to squirm.

“You know how ticklish I am, Geraldo!” he exclaimed.

“Sorry, sir,” replied Geraldo with a shy grin. “I should have remembered.” He bit his lip in concentration as he focused on his task.

Dark hands, from so much sun. A worker’s hands. And then there was his superior, his beautiful alabaster skin like a statue, glistening with golden oil.

“You said everything is beautiful, Geraldo, but I can’t see it. There is nothing here for me. The villa, the sumptuous feasts, the pretty girls – none of it makes me feel anything. Ever since I was a child, I’ve seen such sights and tasted such foods that should be luxuries to any other man, but I don’t find joy in any of it. I feel chained by my upbringing, Geraldo. I need to go far, far away from here. To Paris, where everything is beautiful!” he finished wistfully.

“Oh Cristobal sir, you don’t need to go to Paris to find beauty,” said Geraldo, shaking his head sadly.

“But we could go together! Run away together, can’t you just imagine it? You and I, wandering the streets of Paris! Poor, without a shirt on our backs, no money but for our hope and quest for beauty!”

Geraldo smiled to himself and slapped Cristobal gently on his thigh. Cristobal set his drink by his sunglasses before rolling over and settling his hands behind his head, as Geraldo spread the oil over his chest and flat stomach, watching it drip down his side.

“That is an idea,” Geraldo admitted. “But do you know what my grandmother always said to me?” he asked gently. “She was a very wise old woman.”

“No,” admitted Cristobal, twitching as he watched Geraldo’s nimble hands dancing across his ribs. “What did she say to you?”

Geraldo paused, placing his hands firmly over the Cristobal’s now-slippery hips, rubbing his thumbs in small circles over the muscles there, which angled downward in a V-shape. He lowered his head, looked up into Cristobal’s eyes, and whispered, so that his lips ghosted over the skin, “Everything is beautiful when you have someone with whom to share it.”

An interminable moment of stopped time. Hazel eyes locked intensely with blue, searching the face. Breaths held in unison. Heartbeats pounding.

“Geraldo!” came a cry from the house.

Geraldo jerked away in surprise as if he had been burned. Cristobal sent his mangotini flying. A tall slender woman in a bikini emerged from the house.

“Geraldo!” she repeated angrily. “If you’re finished with my brother here, it would be nice if someone would make me my drinks,” she suggested loudly.

“Of course,” came Geraldo’s meek reply as he hurriedly climbed out of the pool.

Cristobal watched Geraldo’s back as he reentered the house, dripping all the way. Then he looked up at the sky, just as a shaft of sunlight broke through the layer of clouds.
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*New* Estee Lauder Latest Skincare In Store ~ Hydrationist & Re Nutriv

100% brand new & authentic by Estee Lauder. Great as trial purposes before you commit to full size items.

Now, feel the instant rush of moisture...and help resist the appearance of signs of ageing. It’s a fact: moisture is one of skin’s key defenses against signs of ageing that appear too soon. That’s why everything about Hydrationist works to help keep your skin looking younger. In clinical testing, every single women experienced a dramatic moisture boost instantly. Our exclusive Sustainable Moisture Complex™ strengthens skin’s moisture barrier—for younger and healthier looking skin.
* After just 1 application, skin remains moisturised even up to 24 hours later.
* Our exclusive Bio-Mimetic Water is “structured,” so it is easily absorbed deep within skin’s surface. You can feel the replenishing benefits immediately.
* Encourages skin’s natural “moisture barrier building” abilities so it holds on to more moisture—and fights the appearance of signs of premature ageing more effectively.
* Hydrationist leaves skin looking more youthful and healthy. Soft, silky smooth and super hydrated.
* Immediately you’ll see a surprising look of freshness and vitality. With its moisture in perfect balance, your skin is naturally ready to fight signs of premature ageing.
Apply AM and PM after your Lotion.

Estee Lauder Hydrationist Moisture Barrier Fortifier Serum 7ml
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Now experience our most dramatic age-correcting results ever. The look is strikingly younger and more lifted. Enviably radiant. Astonishingly beautiful and full of life.

It's a singular achievement in visible age correction: an ultra-luxurious, ultra-powerful serum with our ultimate repair technologies to help lift, firm, and perfect your skin's appearance like never before. This Repair Serum delivers up to 5 times the levels of the potent lifting, tightening and repair ingredients found in the cremes. Immediately feel more lifted-tighter and more toned.

With continued use, it helps redefine skin's contours for a significantly more lifted look.

Estee Lauder Re‑Nutriv Ultimate Lift Age-Correcting Serum 5ml
Retail Price for 30ml : RM773.00
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*Exclusive* Paul Smith Yellow Trim Gateway Bag

100% brand new and authentic by Paul Smith Parfums. Roomy and suitable for any occasion.

Another Weekend bag by Paul Smith Parfums exclusively design for promotional gifts. This roomy high durable polyester carryall is extremely lightweight and easy to store. Top zipper closure without any compartment inside. Front compartment stamped with "Paul Smith Parfums" wordings. Dual handle straps. Come with original poly bag

Paul Smith Yellow Trim Gateway Bag (Large)
Material : 100% High Durable Polyester
Color : Black
Measurement Approx : 25" (L) x 12" (H) x 7.5" (W), Handle Drop : 6"
Worth : RM250++

Our Offer Price : RM115.00
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*New* Love and Glamour by Jennifer Lopez ~ Full Size

100% brand new & authentic by Jennifer Lopez. Come in two condition - Retail Packaging & Tester Unit. The choice is in your hand.

Jennifer Lopez is presenting her new fragrance Love & Glamour which arrives on the market in autumn 2010.

Composition opens with notes of Italian mandarin, guava and nectarine pulp. A heart incorporates water lily, coconut orchid, orange blossom absolute and jasmine petals, while a base finishes with sandalwood, sensual musk and amber. While the fragrance was being created and developed, Lopez asked the perfumers to accentuate sandalwood at least a bit more and to make the fragrance a bit sexier…

”Creation of flacon, outer carton and advertising campaign was much easier than creating the fragrance composition. “ – said Lopez. The designers' wish was to shape the flacon to fit its name - Love & Glamour! Inspiration for the flacon was a celebrity in a glamorous gown on red carpet...

Love and Glamour by Jennifer Lopez 75ml Edp
Retail Price : RM217.00
Our Offer Price : RM159.90

Will be available under pre-order & while stock last

Also available in Tester Unit.

What is Tester Unit? Read HERE

Love and Glamour by Jennifer Lopez 75ml Edp (Tester Unit)
Condition : Brand new with brown box & without cap
Retail Price : RM217.00
Our Offer Price : RM138.00
1x Sold to Noor Hashimah, Selangor

Will be available under pre-order & while stock last

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because prevention is better than cure...

Good evening all! Hope your having a wonderful week so far and are getting the same lovely weather that we've been enjoying in Belfast! I just wanted to wax lyrical about Soltan Once; an SPF30 sun cream for the face that gives 8 hours protection

I’ve always disliked applying high factor sun cream to my face because it’s generally thick, greasy pore-clogging stuff that always causes horrible breakouts on my cheeks and chin. Obviously I suffer through it cos I’d rather avoid things like sunburn, wrinkles and, you know, skin cancer…
This stuff is absolutely incredible. It’s more like a thick lotion than a yucky heavy cream and is absorbed into the skin unbelievably easily. When I know I’m gonna be spending a lot of time outside during the day I’ll apply this first thing in the morning and then once it’s completely soaked in (takes a few minutes max) I apply my makeup as usual. The best thing about this has to be that it gives up to 8 hours protection… As long as you follow the instructions properly you don’t have to worry about constantly re-applying throughout the day as you do with most sun creams

The instructions on the pack aren’t the most accurate though. They say that the bottle contains 20 applications yet it advises that each application should be one teaspoon for the face and neck. Which would mean that there are only 10 applications in the 50ml tube. When it comes to sun cream I reckon more is more so I usually apply at least a teaspoon to my face and neck; better safe than sorry and all that
This leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth so I’m more than happy to use this in place of my usual moisturiser on sunny days – the only fault I can find with it is that it can leave me a bit shiny by the end of the day. Though I definitely consider that a small price to pay for such great protection! ♥
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Argan Oil - My new hair obsession

Even though I know hair is dead once it pops through the scalp and the texture, structure or number of hairs can’t be changed in any permanent way I’m constantly searching for products that will make my hair look and feel softer, smoother and shinier

I have absolutely no idea where I first heard about Argan Oil but once the name was stuck in my head I knew I had to give it a try! I read a few bits n pieces about it online and then picked up a bottle after much deliberation (it costs £12.99 per 100mls and I’m skint at the minute) I read the box in my local beauty store, then put it down and wandered around looking for the stuff I actually needed. Then went back and read the box again, just in case, I, you know, missed anything first time round… Funnily enough the box said the exact same thing but by that point I’d convinced myself that I needed it more than silly things like toothpaste and deodorant :)

The weather has been playing havoc with my hair over the last few weeks,leaving it particularly dry, frizzy and lank. I need a trim but I’m waiting for another couple of weeks because I want it to be freshly cut just before I head to Ibiza (a whole week lying on the beach reading rubbish novels. Le sigh) When I read the instructions I was a tad wary because it advises to use 2-3 pumps of product on short hair and 4-5 on long hair… Now I dunno about you but I can’t help thinking that less is most definitely more when it comes to hair oils/serums so I was a bit stingy with the oil the first couple of times I used it because I didn’t want to look like I’d washed my hair in a deep fat fryer. Now I’m a bit braver and have discovered that 3 pumps is the perfect amount for my hair, which is shoulder length and ridiculously fine

Although Argan oil certainly hasn’t given me luxuriously thick, lustrous, smooth tresses which would rival those of Eva Longoria it’s definitely made a noticeable improvement! I have far less little flyaway hairs along my middle parting, my hair looks much healthier and is actually easier to manage. I’ve found that after drying my hair the texture is much nicer than usual so I’m less inclined to use my straighteners to finish styling it and even though I’ve applied 3 rather generous pumps of oil it doesn’t end up greasy any quicker than usual! I’ll definitely be re-purchasing this when my current bottle runs out ♥
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*New* Vera Wang Princess 2pc Mini Set

100% brand new & authentic by Vera Wang Parfums. Suitable for traveling or trial purposes.

Oriental-floral fragrance, launched in 2006 as a modern and playful magical elixir. It celebrates youth and femininity in its top notes that bring the aquatic nuances with pure and sharp notes of water lily, apple, freshly-sweet mandarin and apricot.

The heart is composed of exotic guava, Tiare flower, tuberose, with a touch of dark chocolate. The base brings powdery traces of vanilla, amber and wood.

The bottle looks like a heart-shaped jewel, very fine and elegant, a symbol of magical charm and romantic in lilac tones.

Vera Wang Princess 2pc Mini Set
Consists :
~ Eau De Toilette 4ml Mini
~ Perfumed Satin Body Lotion 30ml
Worth : RM75.00
Our Offer Price : RM58.00
1x Ready Stock
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jellyfish & W1L 025: Write one leaf about the last day of the month.

On the morning that I wore this outfit, I was almost late to class because I was reading The Shoebox Project.

Jacket: mother's, H&M. Polo shirt: brother's, American Eagle. Shorts: mother's + scissors. Tights: gift. Black and white oxfords: Miz Mooz. Rings: Rapunzelsgold on etsy and Forever21.

Yes, I am that kind of Harry Potter fan.*

And I am going to openly admit that
  1. I have read a horrific amount of fanfiction in my time, and

  2. a lot of fanfiction is horrifically bad (one needs only to be aware of the existence of the pairing that is Dumbledore/Giant Squid), and

  3. it's kind of unfortunate that (in my experience) most well-written fanfiction is slashy (e. g. Shoebox (although admittedly it seems like the majority of HP fanfiction is slash, and it seems natural that the largest faction of the fandom would churn out the most quality fics)), but only because

  4. slash fanfiction has a Reputation, but anyway, the point is that

  5. reading SBP provided me with an official headcanon for young!James and young!Lily and it is beautiful and full of really sad funerals and jellyfish. I REJECT YOUR REALITY AND SUBSTITUTE MY OWN.
(*Actually, if I were that kind of Harry Potter fan, it wouldn't have been my first time reading Shoebox. Although, hey, I've read all 2605 pages of Maya's fanfiction, so JUDGE ME I DARE YOU.)

W1L 025: Write one leaf about the last day of the month.

This is an unedited version of my original response to this prompt. I am still dissatisfied with this.

In my advanced algebra class four years ago, I found out that D’s birthday falls on the last day of this month, because he was a statistic used to demonstrate that there was a 73% chance of two people in our class having the same birthday. His birthday twin was P, about whom, unfortunately, I remember very little except that one time I pretended I didn’t see him walking around with a binder strategically held in front of his crotch. Puberty is awkward.

A few days ago, D humored my demand to eat lunch with him. It was surprisingly unremarkable and, I suppose, only as awkward as I chose to make it. He left me with a book and this overwhelming sensation of being crushed under his thumb by the weight of being indebted to him.

The introduction to the book includes the following Rumi passage, which doesn’t count as part of this One Leaf:

This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.

A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor.

Welcome and entertain them all
Even if they’re a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture.

Still treat each guest honorably,
He may be clearing you out
for some new delight.

The dark thought, the shame, the malice,
meet them at the door laughing,
and invite them in.

Be grateful for whoever comes,
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.

As I was reading it, I began to cry. I think I was weeping. Not at the profundity. But having been in a struggle long in proportion to my age to find an understanding of spirituality that I could accept without compromise, I gave up seeking my revelation in organized religion a while ago. Especially in reading about it.

And it was incredible to me that this little space that I had made for myself, where I had chosen to place myself spiritually, was a place where other people chose to live as well. And it was so strange to me to think that I had found my way here jaded and alone, only to discover that there was a whole world blooming before me, inhabited by a mass of individuals who, having faced death, suffering, terminal illness, pain, were only determined to fight harder to live with intention.

I don’t believe in everything the author philosophizes about. But there is a deep, deep relief in finally seeing these translated words that look like they have been pulled from my insides like a golden thread of light. It’s like an angel sighing. Or, you know, like a giant hand coming down from the sky and scooping me up and holding me in the palm of his hand.

Musical references aside, a while ago, after her first heartbreak, V was laugh-sobbing over a cup of hot tea at the simple fact that at sixteen, prancing around on the stage of a huge theater, consuming poison, trapping our souls in umbrellas, and hiding ripped seams in our funeral dresses with masking tape, we already knew this. “People come and go in our lives,” said the boy whom I thought would shatter if I landed on him too hard in Scene 5. “Don’t forget the value of the present.”

And the girl wearing a lampshade on her head had said, “Fate will put you on the right track. You just have to be ready for the ride and aware of your surroundings.”
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Review : Rimmel Extra Super Lash Waterproof Mascara

Mascara is always on every girl wish list as it highlights our eye lashes. I personally don't really wear too much of makeup on a normal day, maybe with just an eyeliner, mascara and lip gloss will do.

The Rimmel Extra Super Lash Waterproof Mascara comes in a simple black plastic tube with a straight brush. But the brush isn’t that great as it is too big for my lashes.  It does not leave a dramatic look in the first coat of application itself, thus I apply a couple coats to give me a little darker, slightly more defined and lengthened lashes, but unfortunately it ends up leaving my eyelashes clumped.

Before Application

After Application

So, I tend to apply only one coat of the mascara with just a natural look eyelash. My lashes looked completely average except for being darker. So far, it never flaked or smudged on me and it is waterproof that lasted me the whole day. However, I find it is so difficult to remove even with the eye makeup remover. I seem to lose a couple of eyelashes every time I removing it.

Naturally Abundant Looking Eyelashes

Generally, the mascara isn't that bad. It is inexpensive mascara for those who want natural looking lashes. You can always buy Rimmel London products at your nearest Watson’s, Guardian, Parkson & AEON Wellness for RM27.90.

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*Latest 2011 Fragrance* Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme/Pour Homme Marine Toniq ~ Full Size

100% brand new & authentic by Bvlgari. 2011 latest scent. Full size retail packaging means u get like what u buy at retail counter.

The fashion house of Bvlgari has released two special scent for men in 2011. fragrance created by Jaques Cavalliera is called Aqva Pour Homme Toniq and Aqva Pour Homme Marine Toniq. The perfume is reminiscent of the freshness and strength of sea breezes.

Aqva Pour Homme Toniq is the sensation perfumes refresh it very durable so attached to the wearer feel fresh, alive and glowing.

Aqva Pour Homme Toniq made ​​of Sicilian Lemon, Peppermint Essence, Posidonia, Frozen Water, Vetyver, Mineral Amber.
Crisp. Fresh. Aquatic.

Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme Toniq 50ml Edt
Retail Price : RM235.00
Our Offer Price : RM168.00

Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme Toniq 100ml Edt
Retail Price : RM330.00
Our Offer Price : RM210.00

Aqva Pour Homme Marine Toniq is Parfume scented specifically for men. Unlike the previous Aqva Pour Homme Marine that is simply a fresh and lively scent , Aqva Pour Homme Marine Toniq add a note in the composition of the sea, which makes this perfume is priceless.

Let your mind and soul will be captivated and fascinated by Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme Marine Perfume Toniq new that will surely make you feel romantic.

Aqva Pour Homme Marine Toniq made ​​of ice-water, Posidonia sea grass, prickly pear green, orange, frozen water, sandalwood and white cedar.

Crisp. Fresh. Aquatic.

Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme Marine Toniq 50ml Edt
Retail Price : RM235.00
Our Offer Price : RM168.00

Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme Marine Toniq 100ml Edt
Retail Price : RM330.00
Our Offer Price : RM210.00

Will be available under pre-order & while stock last with our supplier.
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some just lie there crying for him to come and find them & W1L 024: Write one leaf about your mother.

I'd tell you what I did while I was wearing this outfit, but I don't remember because it was such a long time ago. (It was Spenser's birthday, actually.)

I'm on a horse.

There's a horse on my shirt.

There's a pasty Englishman's torso Daniel Radcliffe on my shirt.

Or maybe a horse.

Granny cardigan: secondhand, gift. Elven Brooch: Noble Collection LotR merchandise. Equus t-shirt: gift. Rings: estate sale + Rapunzelsgold on etsy. Jeans: mother's + scissors. Tights: generic. Boots: Steven by Steve Madden.

For anyone who's been reading... I'm going to run out of Write One Leaf responses soon because I can't write as quickly as I'm posting them. (I'm stuck on #34, which is the same one I got stuck on last time I tried to do this...) Here's one about my mum, because Daniel Radcliffe's pasty torso/the horse on my Equus t-shirt combined with my Elven Brooch make me an honorary Brit.

W1L 024: Write one leaf about your mother.

This is an unedited version of my original response to this prompt... written when the bridge toll was still $4.

Mama who bore me,

No matter how crepey the skin on your neck gets, or how deeply the crinkles at the corners of your eyes are creased, or how much your muffin top overfloweth, to me, part of you will always be

a) soft hands, so much bigger than mine, one half of the pair that hoisted me into the air between two towering adult bodies on whose arms I swung like human monkey bars, and a pinky to hold on to walking through the blur of vegetables in plastic bags and fire hydrants and elbows that is four-year-old Chinatown

b) the feet that I sat on when I was tired of walking

c) the belly my head fit on, fell asleep on, the one that fit my brother too, and the calming rise and fall of your breathing

d) The Rainbow Fish with strange melodic Cantonese-English intonation and different voices for each character and the anticipation of being tickled when it was time for Rainbow Fish to give away his shiny scales

e) that woman who rose before the sun every morning to make me and my brother sandwiches for lunch, the soothing voice that came to me in my sleep before it was light outside to wake me up for six o’clock flights, or school, my baby blanket worn as a cape in the backseat on the way to my grandma’s house in the perennial soccer-mom minivan I watched drive away every morning, and whose older brother drove me and my older brother to school

f) the burrito-cocoon blanket foot-tuck

g) ears that heard me awake, silent, and terrified of mummies, or the clown from It, or burglars who would come and inflate my grandma with helium and then pop her with a needle, in the middle of the night from the next room over, and your bed and the warmth of your hands on my frozen feet

h) a sealed envelope with a check for my mail-order books, the enormity of my appetite for which was rivaled only by my penchant for unsharpened pencils with cheesy designs

i) a Tupperware with dividers separating my rice, steamed vegetables, and steak, because of your fear of my iron deficiency and period-triggered heart problems, and a week of slenderizing salad before prom

j) walking into the dining room to a table surrounded by my cousins and laden with roast lamb chops, five kinds of Thai curry, unagi, lemon bars, sour oranges, and a Swedish princess cake

k) being driven around the city to pick up free things off the street, and being able to offer my friends rides in a car I couldn’t drive myself, and waking up before seven on Saturdays to make it to the Farmer’s Market or garage sales to make treasure of someone else's trash

l) the bottle of Burberry London on my dresser that smells like school dances, romantic encounters, school presentations, AP tests, final exams, performances, and disbelief at the undeserved fortune of having a mother so indulgent in my fifteen-year-old conviction that Junior Prom was of such import for my Coming Into Adulthood that it was imperative to smell like a twenty-four-year-old professional

m) the four single ones you always have ready in your wallet to pay the bridge toll to take me home, and the “of course” that I have never had to be afraid of not hearing when I want to leave school to eat my grandma’s cooking and be surrounded by adults and be covered with a blanket when I fall asleep on my homework

n) that expression that always made me laugh, when you wondered how on earth you came to have this little girl with such a foul mouth and enormous speaking presence and words strung together like peach-pink pearls on a necklace that should be worn with dignity and gravity and humility and above all, pride
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