High-end foundation dupes - Pro Lumiere by Chanel

Happy Friday!! Hope you’ve got a lovely weekend planned. Mine will be fairly dull but hopefully in a nice, relaxing sorta way. I’ve booked an appointment tomorrow to see about getting laser eye surgery; I’m getting my braces off pretty soon and I love the thought of getting rid of my glasses/contacts too… As much as I enjoy looking a bit like Ugly Betty I’d like to try a different look for a change!

And from a practical point of view it’d be pretty nice to be able to tell which kids in the swimming pool are actually my brothers and sister and not just random strangers who’re wondering why I’m waving at them like a lunatic

But onto the matter of the day! My dupe for Pro Lumiere by Chanel… I still remember buying Pro Lumiere and being so blown away by the sheer awesomeness of it that I wore it every single day for over a month (absolutely unheard of for me cos I’m swap n change my makeup constantly!)
High-end : Chanel Pro Lumiere
Price : £33
Shade : Limpide and Clair
Drugstore : Bourjois Healthy Mix
Price : £9.99
Shade : 51, 52, 53, 54 and 55 (I own more shades of this than any other foundation)

What I love about these foundations is how they give a gorgeous dewy glow to the skin that lasts all day, even if my skin is acting up and being more oily/dry than usual. The coverage is medium and although it’s buildable it's definitely not great for covering big blemishes or dark circles (first hand experience!) so a decent concealer is always handy

Although Pro Lumiere is described on the packaging as a semi-matte foundation I’d say it definitely gives a satin finish. If you’re after a matte finish then I’d recommend the pro mat version (funnily enough!) but not this :)

I reckon Healthy Mix by Bourjois has got to be one of the most underrated foundations of all times. And not just when it comes to drugstore goodies – there are plenty of high-end products that cost 4 times as much but don’t hold a candle to this! It looks superb, smells heavenly, goes on easily, lasts ages and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. An all round good egg and if I could only choose to use one of these foundations it'd be Healthy Mix

Each of these products even the skin tone, giving a more perfected, smoothed version of your own skin so they look lovely but still very natural and not too made up. They feel light and comfortable and as long as you’re happy with a dewy finish then you could definitely get away without topping them off with a powder
Contas Premium
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