pink and green EOTD and NOTD

A couple of weeks back I picked up a few teensy bottles of Hot Looks fast dry nail polish by Collection 2000. I haven’t tried these before but the colours look awesome so I couldn’t resist adding a few to my collection and decided to wear the mint green shade to go with a new top I got recently
I applied this on Sunday night and really didn’t like it at all… the colour isn’t very intense (even after 3 coats) and it’s not exactly self-levelling like a lot of the better quality polishes out there so it ended up looking a bit naff :( Due to my extreme laziness , and the fact that it was after midnight, there was absolutely no way I was gonna start over so I figured I’d just apply a coat of pink crackle and stick with it for a day or two…
The combination of the two colours looks a tad…odd. It reminds me of a dinosaur egg. Not that I’m constantly stumbling across dinosaur eggs or anything but if I was I get the feeling they’d look like my nails :)

Even though I wasn’t particularly keen on it I figured I’d wear eye shadow to match; in for a penny, in for a pound and all that jazz
Are you a fan of the crackle polishes? Have you stuck to the original black or tried loads of the new shades available? ♥
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