Perfect... If it wasn't for the creasing

Rimmel Colour Mousse 8hr in Splash (004)
As a general rule I avoid cream/mousse eye shadows because I find the colour isn’t easy to build and I have fairly deep-set droopy lids – all thanks to my parents, who also neglected to give me cheekbones!! - so I always end up with a build up of the product in the crease of my lid which really isn’t a great look. If only I didn't have to blink, eh? :)

However, when I spotted these little Rimmel mousse shadows I loved the colours so much I decided I’d just give them a try and keep my fingers crossed for a long-lasting crease free effect! It's called colour mousse 8hr (LIES!!) so I had high hopes. I dunno exactly what it is about green but I’m always drawn to any sort of green shadows, liners and pencils and knew straight away that I’d love this colour on…
It’s one of those two-tone metallic shades that almost changes colour completely as it reflects the light; it goes from a nice bright gold to a forest green. I know the pics probably don’t show this too well, that’s why I find these so annoying to blog about!
I was feeling lazy (and wearing glasses) the other day so just added a little touch of this to my lid and hey presto, my eye shadow was sorted. Unfortunately the dreaded crease had appeared in no time and although it’s not the end of the world it’s put me off using this again :(

When it comes to eye mousse the No7 Stay Perfect ones are probably the only ones I’ve tried that genuinely look perfect and crease-free after 8 hours or so. If you know of any others that hold up well feel free to recommend them! ♥
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