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'cause the yellow chick is the best

Check out her ultra-hip posing skills here.

yellow made me a necklace a long time ago but (I can't believe myself) I hadn't worn it until earlier this week.

Above, jacket: gift. Necklace: yellow. Skirt: Forever21. I (heart) NY tee: Chinatown, New York. Tights: Forever21. Oxfords: Payless.

Here's how the necklace went with the tee. (That was the main reason I never wore it. I couldn't figure out to wear with it. I am somewhere between okay and satisfied with this combination.)

And because it really is a pretty necklace and the picture above is from a bad angle, here's the same photo from my wall post:

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one of my pet peeves

is when outfits are shown in pieces and not on a person. I am not very good at visualizing. Let me demonstrate.

This is a hint of what my skirt and shirt should look like together.

And the idea of my shoes.

and the notion (!) of an accessory.

And does that really give you any idea what I'm wearing?

[Skirt: uniform. Shirt: grandmother's. Shoes: Payless. Hat: H&M.]
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sometimes I run

Sometimes Bryan tries on my skinny jeans, and they fit, which is scary and depressing.

That is not to say it wasn't a struggle.

(Bryan has the best socks.)

Money shot?

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how my weekend went

I'm really bad at this whole updating thing. As in updating when things actually occur. So this is what I wore last Friday.

Above, thermal: Kohl's. Jacket: no idea. Jeans: Uniqlo. Galoshes: J. Crew.

The rain is really detrimental to my clothing myself in an aesthetically pleasing manner. I repeat, jackets engulf everything.

I went home for (pre-)Chinese New Year's and played High School Musical 3 on the Wii. Which is possibly the greatest gaming console in existence. And High School Musical 3 (for the Wii) ranks among my most entertaining games ever. Right up there with Katamari Damacy and Mario Party.

See that guy in a suit? That is the spawn of the create-a-character option that my cousin and I unlocked. We attempted to make an Edward Cullen. They had no other suitable clothes. Honestly. Look at what the hell Zac Efron/I forgot the character's name is sporting in the screencap from the manual below:

Above, what appears to be a wetsuit/unitard with "WILDCATS" and the number of felonies wearing this outfit commits scrawled across the front.

This is one of my cousins:

Why won't H&M make Hello Kitty sweater dresses and variegated sweater tights for big people? Why, H&M? Why? This is age discrimination.

And my calendar at home:

With my amazing photography skills.
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you look cold

I know, I know. My scarf is epic.

Above, scarf: DIY. Thermal: Old Navy, gift. Skirt: Forever21. Tights: BP Nordstrom. Shoes: Payless.

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the way that she died

I'm still smiling after watching this.

I want to go buy glitter eyeliner and a wig.
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the voice of truth

Rule 332:

Suck it up.
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If you'd like to solve my phallic (symbol necklace) woes, look no further than Alex & Chloe, which for reasons unknown exceeds normal phallic-symbol-necklaces-per-store ratio.

Above, Antler Charm (Full), $480 from Alex & Chloe

And the genius one with a slightly more genius price than the above:

Above, The Sword, $50 from Alex & Chloe
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a maths lesson

Like a Nutella-and-waffle sandwich when you're on your period,

seeing the bottom of the sink filled with a pile of your slightly yellowed fingernail clippings makes you feel a bit like throwing up, yet is inexplicably satisfying.
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I don't need sex

because U. C. Berkeley fucks me every day.

Why is it that I purposely scheduled classes in buildings near each other, only to have the professors decide to change rooms so I now have to walk all the way across campus between back-to-back classes three days a week?

Someone is messing with me.

(Or telling me I'm fat.)

[EDIT: I've changed my mind. The walk is barely longer than the walk from astro discussion to anthro lecture was last semester. And it's Memorial Glade. And Stanley is REALLY NICE inside. And now I have an excuse to eat this cookie. Thank you, Universe.]
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cold feet

In preparation for my first 8 AM college class, I slept at 10 the night before, woke up at 6:30, then forgot to put on my galoshes as I headed out the door. As a result, I trudged through a light drizzle completely un-indicative of Sproul's treacherous puddles, all the way across campus in these sorry flats:

They don't like to associate with puddles. (Too plebeian.)

I wised up before dinner and put on my galoshes but removed my jacket for the photo. My outfits from Wednesday to Friday have been essentially the same with slight variations on the denim color and different sleeve colors because JACKETS ENGULF EVERYTHING. At least I have this picture:

Above, longsleeve thermal: Kohl's. Cardigan: mother's. Jeans: Uniqlo. Galoshes: J. Crew.

This is me looking down at my galoshes for being so common and associating freely with puddles.

Totally plebeian. But forgive them. They can't help it. Anyway, here's my umbrella because my last one broke.

Above, umbrella: Office Depot. (I know, right?)

Later, I spent a good twenty minutes trying to decide how to skew my buttons and ended up settling for the simple but almost always effective offset of one buttonhole:

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doin' shots

of color

Above, hair tie: Forever21. Jacket: no idea. Pink: Target sweater. Jeans: Target. Shoes: Payless.

also known as

variations on a theme: rain
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alternate ending

Last night I had a dream that Harry Potter destroyed the Sorcerer's Stone because...

Voldemort was giving his evil villain speech, and he made some kind of lame joke about how he would tell Harry his heart was breaking in sorrow over his impending death, but he was told his heart was more like a black hole.

And then Harry threw the Sorcerer's Stone into Voldemort's mouth.

And then it was destroyed.

I'm thinking it was a combination of watching most of You, Me, and Dupree while in UCLA and remembering the scene from Roman Holiday:

And remembering Laughing Sal:

(who is really very scary) combined with that fat lady at Chuck E. Cheese (?) into whose mouth you throw plastic balls (like the kind from the ball pit) to satiate her, and astronomy, and reading about Harry Potter before going to sleep.
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monster scarf: take 2

Oh, baby. My lone eyebrow loves this scarf.

Above, sweater: Target. Jeans: Uniqlo. Shoes: Palladium. Socks: Target. Scarf: epic DIY.

Bitch, yeah. This totally just destroyed my desire to buy that humongous $30 H&M cowl.
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I'm sorry if I get anyone excited, but it's not really Mickey. It was Minnie's birthday earlier this week and we celebr(l)ated in our room with Amman's chocolate strawberries as seems to be becoming the norm.

Mariah did the streamers, Kim provided materials, and Amman did the balloon designs.

Click for bigger! Bigger is better! Note the elephant, Maths, tiger, India outline, Indian girl (?), and guru!

To further our Indian theme, we put on an Indian music playlist on YouTube for which purpose Mariah provided her laptop. Mariah also provided the string of cloth elephants you see below.

I, being the resourceful one, blew up a lubed condom and drew an angry face on it to add to the festivities.

For the record, it was one of many free condoms from Calapalooza, and I gave up before I got it as big as I wanted because I was getting lightheaded from blowing up the balloons too.

Funny, it looked red in the packaging.

Also for the record, it doesn't taste as nasty as I thought it would. Like Vaseline and rubber gloves. Which I should have expected. Although I did end up with lube all over my hands and face because it was really hard to blow it up past the um sausage-shaped stage (hence lightheadedness).

Okay TMI.
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this wall is going places

Let's start with my side:

New year, new calendar, because this girl loves calendars:

Coco Rocha via Corliss, who really dislikes her:

Academy of Sciences, because:

Necklace display rotated:

Above, from yellow.

Above and below, from Hot Topic the night Deathly Hallows came out.

From SoGood, the night before our performance:

Gift from my brother:

And now for my roommate's newest additions:

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