I'm sorry if I get anyone excited, but it's not really Mickey. It was Minnie's birthday earlier this week and we celebr(l)ated in our room with Amman's chocolate strawberries as seems to be becoming the norm.

Mariah did the streamers, Kim provided materials, and Amman did the balloon designs.

Click for bigger! Bigger is better! Note the elephant, Maths, tiger, India outline, Indian girl (?), and guru!

To further our Indian theme, we put on an Indian music playlist on YouTube for which purpose Mariah provided her laptop. Mariah also provided the string of cloth elephants you see below.

I, being the resourceful one, blew up a lubed condom and drew an angry face on it to add to the festivities.

For the record, it was one of many free condoms from Calapalooza, and I gave up before I got it as big as I wanted because I was getting lightheaded from blowing up the balloons too.

Funny, it looked red in the packaging.

Also for the record, it doesn't taste as nasty as I thought it would. Like Vaseline and rubber gloves. Which I should have expected. Although I did end up with lube all over my hands and face because it was really hard to blow it up past the um sausage-shaped stage (hence lightheadedness).

Okay TMI.
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