how my weekend went

I'm really bad at this whole updating thing. As in updating when things actually occur. So this is what I wore last Friday.

Above, thermal: Kohl's. Jacket: no idea. Jeans: Uniqlo. Galoshes: J. Crew.

The rain is really detrimental to my clothing myself in an aesthetically pleasing manner. I repeat, jackets engulf everything.

I went home for (pre-)Chinese New Year's and played High School Musical 3 on the Wii. Which is possibly the greatest gaming console in existence. And High School Musical 3 (for the Wii) ranks among my most entertaining games ever. Right up there with Katamari Damacy and Mario Party.

See that guy in a suit? That is the spawn of the create-a-character option that my cousin and I unlocked. We attempted to make an Edward Cullen. They had no other suitable clothes. Honestly. Look at what the hell Zac Efron/I forgot the character's name is sporting in the screencap from the manual below:

Above, what appears to be a wetsuit/unitard with "WILDCATS" and the number of felonies wearing this outfit commits scrawled across the front.

This is one of my cousins:

Why won't H&M make Hello Kitty sweater dresses and variegated sweater tights for big people? Why, H&M? Why? This is age discrimination.

And my calendar at home:

With my amazing photography skills.
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