off day

I wore this out yesterday because my mom said it might rain. As is typical, it didn't.

Above, jacket: brother's. Waffle-knit zip-up hoodie: grandmother's. Gray longsleeve: Target. Green jeans: Target. Socks: Target. Patent flats: Steve Madden via Ross.

Above, ring: gift. I actually find this quite ugly, but that's beside the point.

Above, ring: Claire's, gift. My hands are so dry.

I wanted to say... since I started college, most of my days have felt, fashion-wise, like off days. Now, off days never feel good for me. Things are out of whack. I am not in my element. If I wore makeup, it would be like leaving the house without makeup on. Off days are me not making an effort for Chanel's date with destiny. Off Days should be inherently ugly.

But I have been thinking (and I do a terrible lot of that) that maybe my off days are a more accurate reflection of myself than my dressed up days are, because dressed up days reflect the me I imagine, the me I want to present to others, whereas off days reflect the me I can't hide, the me who stays up late to write essays and listens to Britney Spears before exams, and the me who is afraid of the dark and loves airports and Harry Potter.

So maybe my off days aren't really off days at all. Maybe they're just another facet of my evolving style that I haven't learned to appreciate because I don't understand them yet.

As Alexander Wang said, "Anyone can get all dressed up and glamorous, but it is how people dress in their off days, that are the most intriguing." (Thanks to Qin at the Disco.)

I evolve, I evolve. Like a Magikarp into a Gyarados...
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