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I like singing men

[This is a scheduled post.]

I know you probably don't care, but I do love me some a cappella. Bonus points if the singers are male, in college, and hot. Here is a massive list. (This blog really is for me, not you. Muahahahaha, I am evil.)

I did notice that most of these are the men's a cappella group at UC Berkeley. Perhaps I have a subconscious bias.
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Boring TiLT Post

Things I Love Thursday in copulation of Gala at iCiNG
  • The Botanical Gardens, again. I am so enamored with it. I like walking. And I love trees.
  • stepping on crunchy leaves
  • "Home" by Michael Bublé
  • "Black and Gold" by Sam Sparro
  • Korean food, authentic or not, even if it makes my clothes smelly
  • Sam Sparro and Panic! At The Disco music videos for visuals, though to be honest I haven't watched many other music videos recently so the clothes/quirkiness might be typical of all videos now...
  • This Peach Bun Charm from pearberry on etsy:
Here's what I wore to take a walk in the Botanical Gardens, step on crunchy leaves, and eat Korean food:

Above, top: Theme18 (imported). Bow: DIY. Skirt: made by my grandmother. Tights: Forever21. Oxfords: Payless.

Above, I felt like a waiter.

Above, my shirt has Engrish! "The Gift of Love From Heaven Ahove." I also got a(nother) stain on my shirt from Korean food. -_-

[EDIT: Huh. My hair looks kind of terrible in these pictures. Oh well. Deal. Okay so my mom and I are trying to catch a flight to New York tomorrow. I don't know what to pack. The weather is "muggy."]
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Note to Self

When propositioning someone, make sure the propositionee is of substantial enough intelligence such that his or her vocabulary includes the word "proposition" lest ridiculous and tragic misunderstandings ensue.

[EDIT: My thought process yesterday went something like What's that word that means enough but sounds like substantial? And it kind of sounds like satisfactory, too. Hm... Whatever, I'll just reword my post.

I remember the word now. Super brain-fart. The post should have read "When propositioning someone, make sure the propositionee is of intelligence sufficient enough that his or her vocabulary..." I feel dumb. How ironic.]
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Why my brother is awesome

Because this was my graduation present:

A piece of CARDBOARD painted by his friend Kristy. To fully appreciate its artistic merit, one must consider the medium. Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, observe the texture:

No, really, I think it is awesome. My brother cracks me up.

Oh yeah, and although I told some people I might be going to New York tonight, I'm not... because apparently there's a storm so if we fly to JFK there will be superdelay.

[EDIT: My brother is three years older than I am.]
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Hot Tranny Mess

So recently I have been craving sequins and monograms and hot tranny messes, so I thought to myself, Self! Why not make a hot tranny mess of sequins and monograms?

With the relatively recent discovery of some blue sequins lying around the house, I commenced...

The Tools

By the way, the Cinamaroll wallet contains my needles:

After a very painful fifteen minutes or so of trying to sew the strands of sequins to my hoodie, I realized that I had better switch tools to...

...loose sequins!

What a hot tranny mess. Don't ask me why my sewing supplies are all blue. I don't know why.

The Victim

Above, red hoodie from mervyn's that I never wear because it is red, and I find it very hard to wear red except in small pops of color.

Progress For The Sake of Progress Must Be Discouraged

Also known as I went backwards, and I cannot take pictures well.

And here is the action shot:

Above, headband: street fair in Chinatown. Black t-shirt: mother's, Target. Red hoodie: mervyn's + DIY sequins. Scandalous skirt: Forever21. Shoes: Harajuku Lovers via Nordstrom Rack.

Above, the appropriately primary-colored headband and my gross-looking part.

Above, now I can have a hot tranny mess on my chest all the time.

P. S. This skirt is really, really short. I'm on the verge of a Don't Show-Cha Your Chocha. I can't believe I wore it to school. Multiple times. One of which was during scheduling when I was supposed to be representing our school's honor and service society. Well, at least leggings keep it tame most of the time.
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it's like in a way you're eating it

I just finished watching The Ice Storm, directed by Ang Lee, as part of my summer assignment. It was weird. I think I'm going to have to watch it again to get any meaning from it. But man, you've got to love that it's set in the 70s.

Sorry that these pictures are all of Elijah Wood, but... Mikey!

And that weird snowsuit jacket thing he puts on that looks like it has eyes on the hood:

Okay. No, really, it was so weird. If there's something to understand (and I'm sure there is), I'm missing it. I feel dumb.

But Mikey! "...because when you smell a smell it's not really a smell, it's a part of the object that has come off of it, molecules. So when you smell something bad, it's like in a way you're eating it. This is why you should not really smell things, in the same way that you don't eat everything in the world around you because as a smell, it gets inside of you." If only I could have knitwear and collared shirts as cool as Mikey.

Above, left to right: H81 Cable Knit Sweatervest for $22.90 at Forever21; Striped Sweatervest for $19.80 at Forever21; H81 Holly Argyle Sweater Vest for $19.90 at Forever21
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I don't want you back

The items in my outfit make me think of being a reject from an audition for an 80s movie about hookers.

Above, jacket: mother's. T-shirt: uncle's. Jeans: Forever21. Socks: HotSox. Shoes: Hot Gossip via Buffalo Exchange. Bag: Goodwill.

MY MOM: Those shoes look so... cheap.
ME: Cheaply made or they make me look cheap?
MY MOM: No, no, like cheap.
ME: You mean they make me look cheap?
MY MOM: Yeah.
ME: Mmhm.

Above, the shoulder pads are quite massive.

Above, the cheesy t-shirt.

Above, these socks always make me feel like there's a disco I wasn't invited to.

"Are you propositioning him?!"
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I hope this is the last throwback.

[This is a scheduled post.]

Above, Nike sweatshirt: sweatshop Nike store, striped tank top: H&M. Jeans: Levi's from Costco. Socks: 98-cent store.

Above, what an awkward silhouette! Gray dress shirt: brother's. Black t-shirt probably underneath: whatever. Ribbon: from a Forever21 skirt. Skirt: made by my grandmother. Tights: Nordstrom.

Above, dress: cousin's. Pink longsleeve: United Colors of Benetton. Bracelets: gift. Tights: Nordstrom. I just wanted to try wearing a really formal dress to school. =_=

Above, dress: made by my grandmother. Belt: gift, Forever21. Cardigan: forgot. Tights: generic.

Above, striped button-down: Old Navy. Purple longsleeve you can barely see: Old Navy. Black printed shirt: Fang, Ross. Jeans: bubblegum, cousin's, with a patch that says "Ai-yah" on the side because I ripped my jeans on the lock of a bathroom stall (and in this case "ai-yah" would be the Cantonese equivalent of "Oh shit"). Socks: Target. Note that my hands are not white. I am wearing latex gloves because we were doing a 24-hour psychology experiment on sensory adaptation.

Above, black turtleneck: mother's. Red sweater: Old Navy kids. Jeans: Levi's 504 slouch straight.

Above, cardigan: mother's. Dress: mother's. Tights: Nordstrom. Socks: H&M.

Above, striped dolman sleeve top: grandmother's. Black tank top peeking out: somewhere in the Haight. Shorts: wetseal. Leggings: United Colors of Benetton. Socks: Target.

Above, denim jacket: delia's. Floral slip: vintage. Dress-ish thing under that: pajamas, Nordstrom. Tights: generic. I wore this to school for Spirit Week because it was Pajama Day. The next year I was much less subtle and wore this one-piece footie pajama from the boys' section at Target:

I call it "growing up."

Above, cardigan: Goodwill. Longlseeve: JC Penney. Polo: Nordstrom Rack. Jeans: Levi's from Costco. Socks: gift.

Above, top: Theme18 (imported). Striped tank top: H&M. Pants: somewhere in Vancouver. Socks: 98-cent store. I love these pants, but nobody understands them. And nobody loves what he doesn't understand. :(
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