Why So Serious?

Okay, I could not have chosen a more obvious post title, but OMG. If you haven't yet, go watch The Dark Knight. No, seriously, do it. In IMAX if possible. I was totally blown away. Because I secretly like action movies (and Christian Bale Bruce Wayne is hot and rich). And I would totally watch it again. Heath Ledger was really, really good. Such a nuanced performance. If had added anything more to the Joker, it would have been overdone, but he got it just so creepy. Boy, and Gary Oldman too! Just go watch it. (And look at the Joker's costumes!)

I felt a little loud, so this is what I wore:

Above, cardigan: Esprit sample sale. Houndstooth scarf: some snobby place in the Haight. Pink longsleeve: Target. Skirt: made by me. Tights: wetseal. Shoes: Harajuku Lovers, Nordstrom Rack.

Above, my pose reminds me of Style Rookie. I think it was unconscious copulation. (For those of you who don't know, that's my word for copy + emulation.)

Damn, this skirt is short.

Above, the visible zipper in the back of the skirt. With visible hand-sewn topstitching. Which is wonky and crooked. And the fabric is puckering. Oh well, suck it up.

Above, accidental picture of me talking to my mom who is off stage-right upstairs.

So I was thinking, why do I list all the clothes I wear, anyway? It doesn't contribute to the outfit or anything. I think I'm just anal.

[Edit: Also I think I should have worn my lens-less glasses with this outfit. Oh well. Too bad.]

[Edit-edit: Yes, this is that skirt that I broke many needles over.]
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