Finding My Roots

Because I am a loser and it is a Friday night and I am at my cousin's house with nothing better to do than make this massive post and maybe try to read Quentin's part in The Sound and the Fury after.

So I went back to my MyStyleDiary account a little while ago and noticed a few things.
  1. I used to wear a lot more colors, and they used to be much brighter, and I would wear them almost indiscriminately. And I was all about color blocking. Even though I wore all-black a lot more.
  2. I used to wear a lot more layers.
  3. My Levi's 504s used to be a lot darker.
  4. My skirts used to be longer, and I used to wear pants more often. And I was androgynous more often, in a tomboy way.
  5. I was a lot more in-your-face, and there was something loud in every outfit, even if the loudness made sense only to me.
These pictures are taken from my now-defunct MyStyleDiary account, hence the watermark thing on the lower left. So are the descriptions, hence my lack of capitalization and other important things like that. New commentary is [in brackets].

got called a "samurai hobo" and a "lumberjack" while wearing this. yay hobos!
plaid - grandma's closet, orange - Kohl's, white - Chinatown, jeans - some brand from Ross, socks - Target

pink thing - Old Navy, ribbon - lying around, plaid thing - aeropostale men's, jeans - Levi's, socks - H&M [I secretly love this outfit. The plaid shirt is my brother's. Something about the colors works for me.]

Tie from the dry cleaner's, black button-down from Ann Taylor Loft, some random cheap superskinny jeans, socks from Target [I hate the black shirt with such light denim, but the black with blue tie is good.]

Black hoodie from Ann Taylor Loft, wet seal short shorts, Old Navy black pantyhose [Strange, these shorts used to look so loose on me. I suppose I'm not getting any thinner.]

Yellow suit-jacket from aunt, bracelet made by other aunt, some Disney t-shirt underneath, short shorts from Wet Seal, black stockings from Old Navy, yellow socks from a dollar store

really old sweater from Old Navy; green United Colors of Benetton tee; some cheap yellow tourist-y tee from Cancun; ParisBlues jeans; some red socks

Pink United Colors of Benneton longsleeve; black and gold Disneyland shirt; secondhand green fcuk slip; black stretch bubblegum jeans; argyle knee socks from target [Yum. Colors. Yum. Gold foil.]

black ribbon lying around, white men's dress shirt, Ronald Weasley tee from Hot Topic, short shorts from Wet Seal, leggings from Rite Aid, thigh-high socks from Nordstrom somewhere, bracelet from Hot Topic [I believe it was my reasoning that if I wore something so short on the bottom, the top had to be really baggy and masculine.]

Dark green longsleeve - Old Navy; crocheted thing - mom's closet; ribbon - lying around; slip - bought secondhand; socks - Old Navy [I never wore this outfit out because it involved too much of my legs. I was and still am very anti-skin. I enjoy being pasty. I mean, ethereally pale. Nice neutrals here and use of crochet/floral/stripes.]

One of very few times I show any of my legs. =O Stupidly wore this on the day I woke up woozy and sweating and cold, but I went to school anyway. And it was raining. Sacrifice for fashion's sake. =_=
Button-down from Ann Taylor; skirt worn as dress from Express; leggings from Rite Aid; socks from a dollar store [Oh yeah. I actually didn't go home sick that day. What an idiot I was staying in school. Odd: I've seen at least three of this skirt in thrift stores recently. I guess it is super out of fashion because it's from Express in, like, 2003.]

sweater - goodwill (The Limited); tee - Mervyn's; tank - Kohl's; jeans - Levi's 504; socks - Target [I love my colors. I feel like a carrot still in the ground.]

(ugly old) Old Navy sweater; Cirque du Soleil t-shirt; some black t-shirt; blue skirt made by my grandma; black tights [Ah yes, I had a very long obsession with primary colors because I was downtown one day and saw a girl wearing a blue miniskirt, black tights, black lace-up boots, a yellow top, and a red high school marching band (ish) jacket. And she was the shit.]

Hoodie - Ann Taylor Loft; shorts - wetseal; tights - wetseal [I am a zebra. And I love it. Honestly, when I put this on, I was more concerned about how short the shorts were than with how loud my tights were.]

Sweater - don't know; necklace - made by me; jeans - hacked-off Old Navy; socks - Target [Pink and green. Another me classic.]

tee - Aeropostale; tank - don't know; white thing - Old Navy; jeans - levi's 504; socks - 98cent store (heh) [Teal and yellow. Another me classic. Look at the stripey continuity!]

outer - Kohl's; sweater-vest - knit by my mom; polo - from middle school uniform; jeans - Levi's 504s; socks - H&M

pink - United Colors of Benetton; green - Old Navy; vest - H&M; jeans - Levi's 504s; belt - a little store on Clement; socks - dollar store [My "look, I'm trendy! I own a vest!" outfit. It was really uncomfortable. Just look at the awkward layering.]

shrug - wetseal; necklace - made by me; black tee - no label; tank - Kohl's; shorts - brother's; fishnets - green ones from... inside Nordstrom somewhere; socks - dollar store (?) [I swear I will resurrect these shorts. I will also never again buy into anything trendy, metallic, and from wetseal (I hope). Like shrugs that I will never wear because they don't cover any boobage.]

obnoxiously flowery dress shirt - American Rag; white tee - Express; slip - secondhand; jeans - Levi's 504; socks - Target [I love how nobody at school understood the ugliness that is this floral shirt.]

dress shirt - Old Navy; pink tee - paul frank; slip - secondhand; tights - Old Navy [For some reason, I remember wearing this and getting a lot of glares from moms that day. It was open house for eighth graders or something. I really don't see why. This is one of my cleaner outfits from sophomore and junior years.]

green - United Colors; purple - Old Navy; black/silver - Ross somewhere; jeans - fire at macy's [A me classic: green and purple, although not executed very well in this instance. A darker purple, a less vibrant green - then we'd be talking eggplant heaven.]

sweater - ellemenno; long tank - H&M; jeans - not sure but I think Levi's 504 Straight; socks - dollar store [Extreme stripey continuity. The sweater is not supposed to be cropped. It just shrunk. A lot.]

jacket - Delias; tee - threadless; shorts - wetseal; tights - Old Navy [Again, one of my few clean outfits from sophomore and junior years.]

headband - Walgreens; sweater - mom's closet; yellow - from Cancun; blue bangle - Claire's; black wristband - Hot Topic; shorts - Wet Seal; leggings - United Colors of Benetton; legwarmers - little store on Clement; socks - dollar store [Ah. Wow. I wore this to go eat dim sum with family. I was trying to dress like an eighties aerobic instructor (or whatever). In fact, while waiting outside the restaurant for seating, I starting running in place and doing stretches. I am kind of strange. Rainbow used to be my friend.]

plaid - boys' shirt from a friend; pink - Kohl's; black - no label; jeans - hacked off Old Navy; socks - H&M [I milk cows. Or not. That was not meant to be laced with any innuendo but it came out sounding like it was.]

black - Ann Taylor Loft; belt - gift from Forever21; skirt - Express; tights - generic drugstore brand [I wore this to TK's tea party. It was lovely. I think this was before Jojo and Emily told me about (OMG genius) using a hair tie or hair clip to keep the floppy end of my belt in place. Possibly the best accessory advice I have ever received.]

outside - Ann Taylor Loft; inside - threadless; pants - Gap; socks - dollar store [I'm channeling my inner techie! The techie who secretly hates her tech class and just wants to act! (See the exuberant socks.)]

red - Old Navy; blue - The Limited (my mom's); jeans - fire jeans; socks - target [Blue and red is yum. But not with these jeans or these socks.]

green - United Colors; pink - Kohl's; tie thing (in a bow around my neck) - grandma's; jeans - Levi's 504 straight

pink - United Colors; black/silver - Ross; tank - Kohl's; jeans - Hydraulics from Ross [Another me classic. Pink and orange. So blinding. I kept the colors of my braces as alternating pink/orange for many, many months.]

pink - old navy; sweatervest underneath - knit by mother; dress - mother's; tights - some generic drugstore brand; socks - HotSox (gift) [How peculiarly well put-together for sophomore/junior year.]

green - delia's; black - Ann Taylor Loft; pink striped thing on the inside - ellemenno; shorts - used to be corduroys (brand name "fire" but i've never heard of it); tights - Hue [The maroon corduroys with pink tights was very Me During Summer Vacation. And I'm pulling a corduroy-on-corduroy felony.]

green - secondhand Express; yellow - threadless; pink - United Colors of Benetton; burnt orange - tank from some store in the Haight; jeans - Levi's [Oh baby. Colorgasm. I congratulate myself on the pop of pink and the sliver of burnt orange.]

trench thing - target; floral slip - secondhand; black longsleeve - BP Nordstrom; black leggings: United Colors of Benetton; socks - HotSox [The khaki trench thing makes me feel like I'm on a safari, the floral slip makes me feel like a botanist, and the blue sushi socks make me feel like a marine biologist.]

denim - delia's; scarf - mother's; printed longsleeve - kohl's; that tiny sliver of gray t-shirt under that - threadless; pants - Gap [Fairly clean for junior year. Which in my mind reads "fairly tame" which reads "fairly boring." Which also translates into "This is when I stopped getting enough sleep. But look how well I'm pulling off neutrals, FutureSelf, which I have never done before, even if the scarf kept getting caught between my legs when I walked."]

Okay I'm out of old pictures. And I should stop. This is ridiculously long. The reason I did this is because I feel like what I've been wearing is starting to become... dare I say... imitable? Something you might be able to put a label on? Which is something I have always shied away from. So here is my note to self.

Dear Self,

Go back to your roots. Wear exactly what you feel. Dress up when you're pissed off. Wear everything in your wardrobe. Abuse your hosiery. Be very aware of your socks. If you like an idea, a color scheme, a look, a garment, wear it over and over in variations until you're sick of it and stop giving a damn what other people think. If you love something trendy, wear it into submission until it's your own wardrobe basic. Be inspired by everything but fashion. Dress like a boy sometimes. Don't do anything half-assed. Revel in costume like you know you want to. Smile, and stop slouching.
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