Are You A Lover?

Title from this YouTube video which I think was on StyleBubble's sidebar a long while back.

So this is what I wore to go take a walk around the back of the De Young with my mom and grandma this morning. It was cool. I like bronze statues of lynxes and lions and boys and hares.

Above, floral peasant dress: altered, Goodwill. Pink longsleeve: Target. Socks: dollar store (technically it was "The 98-Cent Store"). Oxfords: Payless. Man, my knees look orange. I promise they're not orange and it's just because the rest of me is so pale they look orange in comparison with the camera flash!

Above, the back.

Above, yeahhhhh check out that pose.

Above, the bow tied in the back. And if you can't see it very well, pretend this is just a closeup of the floral fabric.

Above, hee-hee. I love these socks with these shoes. Even if from far away it looks like I have stripey foot disease.

Above, what I changed into to go to the optometrist to check if my left contact was scratched or just really dirty (hard lens). Houndstooth scarf that I've always been too afraid to wear to school because Jojo had one first and hers is cooler because the print is bigger: some place in the Haight with really, really snobby workers. Black cropped jacket: gift. Pink longsleeve: Target. Jeans: American Rag. Heeled oxfords: delia's.

Above, oh wait. This is what I wanted to wear. Because I secretly think my optometrist is a bit of a sleaze or at least creepy, I wore what I hoped was childish...

Above, shoes: very very dirty and beat-up Keds.

Above, I am a lover, not a fighter, but this picture says otherwise.
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