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Isetan & WWF in collaboration with Bearbrick & Anna Sui

Let's save our earth this Christmas!
Merry Green Christmas!

Purchase a 2010 Christmas limited edition Be@rbrick available in green, blue, pink and metallic silver, with handphone strap (Exclusively at Japan and Malaysia only) or an Anna Sui T-shirt/Eco bag/Canvas bag and help to save and restore the degraded forests for the survival of the Orang Utans in North Ulu Segama, Sabah. All profit wil be donated to WWF Malaysia's
Forest Restoration Program and Orang Utans Monitoring Project.

Place to buy: KLCC-CF/The Gardens-GF/Lot10-4F
3rd -16 Dec 2010

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progress report: cable knit

I attempted to pincurl my hair again, but evidently, it's too long to be really curly rather than wavy now. For which I am thankful but about which I am somewhat vexed. In any event, this is a pretty boring outfit, but there's nothing like feeling like you're floating around in a cloud of your own hair to make you feel cute. I love having straight hair for about the first day and a half after I wash it, when it's swingy and reminds me of rain pouring down in sheets, or when I pull off my hat and my baby hairs are having a tussle around my part, but damn, I wish I could last longer without greasing up so fast. (That's why I curl my hair sometimes. Works like a charm. Like Wingardium Leviosa. Which is a charm. Unlike Lumos, which is a spell.)

Here's a progress report on my cable-knit scarf:

Jacket: gift. Mittens: J. Crew, gift. Jeggings: Forever21. Socks: HotSox. Black and white oxford: Miz Mooz.
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Anna Sui Christmas Wonderland Collection 2010

This Fall, Anna Sui Christmas Holiday Collection 2010 is so wonderlandly pretty!!!

Necklace Rouge (RM165 each)
Made of resin and Swarovski crystal, this necklace charm with a chain measuring 85 cm comes in two shades: 01 Fancy Pink and 02 Playful Orange.

Mirror Charm (RM103)

Make up holiday collection 2010 (RM186 each)
01: Gel Eye Color 2010 in Sparkle Lavender, Lip Gloss 2010 in Sparkle Pink, Cheek Color 2010 in Sparkle Pink
02: Gel Eye Color 2010 in Stardom Gold, Lip Gloss 2010 in Stardom Orange, Cheek Color 2010 in Stardom Orange
Both comes with A star-studded makeup pouch (approximately H10 cm x W14 cm x D6 cm)

Eye color crayon

Lip Color Collection IV and Eye Color Collection IV

Anna Sui’s popular hand mirror in signature purple and princess white, containing a mix of lip and eye colours.

Nail Color N
Love the Carnival Orange and Sparkle Gold color, perfect for this Xmas!!
Beauty Box! RM98, if am not mistaken, that's the price.
Classic item!

This is the gwp!! So pretty the circus tin box!

When opened up, it's quite spacious to store cosmetics or jewelries.

Finally get my hands on molest the new necklace charm. It's quite bulky in size but i do love the crystals on top.

This is how it looks like for playful orange color.

All available at Isetan KLCC.
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Me & Frankenstein

Is Me! Help.. Help!!!
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Epic fails I regret buying

Don’t you just hate splashing out on products only to be seriously disappointed? What’s even worse is when you’ve heard nothing but great things about the goodies so when you get round to buying them you’re completely convinced they’re gonna work wonders!

Unfortunately this happens to me all the time so I’ve included a few “fails” I’ve picked up over the last month or so. Goes without saying that some people might swear by these so please don’t take this post too personally! I definitely don’t want to offend anyone who already uses any of these; just letting you know that they didn’t work for me :)

So, in no particular order…

Lemon Aid by Benefit

A colour correcting eyelid primer? Er, not so much. It doesn’t correct anything – I’ve used this numerous times when my eyes have been a tad red (haven’t been sleeping the best recently) and regardless of how carefully I apply this all it does it add a horrid cakey layer to the skin. It also commits the cardinal primer sin by creasing. If I’m gonna pay £16.50 for a primer at the very least I expect it to last all day without creasing!!

Natural Radiance blusher by ELF

I adore the ELF range. There are sooo many amazing products for a ridiculously good price that I almost feel guilty badmouthing this one. Not guilty enough to prevent me though :) Firstly the package is crap; really stiff and hard to open. The pan is really teensy so it’s hard to get it on the brush and last of all it looks awful on the skin. I’m ghostly pale thanks to the good old Belfast weather and yet this is so unpigmented (that is so a word :p) that it barely shows up on my skin

Falsies mascara by Maybelline

Heard at least a million great things about this and disagree with pretty much every single one of them. I found this too wet, which left my lashes clumping together (great if you’re after the spider leg look) and it didn’t do anything for the length. By lunch time this was flakey and unpleasant looking. As far as drugstore mascaras go I’ll be sticking with Max Factor

Eyecon by Benefit

Why oh why do I keep buying benefit products!? Honestly I’ve tried dozens over the years and the only one to really impress me is the Her Glossiness lipgloss. Every other product has been “meh” at best. The most recent example of this is the Eyecon brightening eye cream… Basically I’ve found it to be a completely average eye moisturiser that doesn’t fade dark circles or leave my eyes looking brighter as promised. £22.50 down the drain :(

Neutrogena Wave Cleanser

You probably wont be too surprised to hear that this hasn’t made the slightest difference to my skin whatsoever. The only thing this has changed about my routine is how bloody long it takes to wash my face! The pads are so smooth that my skin doesn’t feel properly clean even after using this for at least 3 minutes – I always feel like I need to give it a quick wash with my hands afterwards

Total waste of time and money in my humble opinion :) If you’re looking for an awesome product to use with your cleanser I really recommend the little scrublets that come with the bottles of L’Oreal Perfect Clean Gel Washes. Absolutely adore these and can’t believe I lived so long without them!!

Have you tried any of these? Are you of the same opinion as me or is there anything here that you use in your regular routine?

Hope you have a fantastic week ♥

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Plus Size Kitten's Giveaway!

Miu is having a giveaway! The prize is Shu Uemura pouch and the new Plain Jane! The prizes is worth over rm100 consisting of this pouch, miniatures of the cleansing oil (in 4 variants) and a mystery shu uemura 3pc gift. She wanted to see we Shu Fanatics show our love for Shu Uemura in photo! Click here for more info.

So here is my entry!

I Lurve Shu's false eye lashes and pink blusher and the infamous eye lash curler are MUST HAVE!

Most favourite item - Hard pencil from Shu Uemura! A long lasting eye brow pencil which I could not live without it. A good day starts with a well-defined brows. :)
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Wearing glasses when my hair is like this makes me feel like a robot.

Jacket: delia's. Skirt: secondhand gift. Blue tights: Forever21. Boots: Steven by Steve Madden.
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*New* CK Beauty 2pc Mini Gift Set by Calvin Klein

100% brand new & authentic by Calvin Klein Fragrances. Latest perfume by CK aswell. Try it & u'll love it!

Reveal your sophisticated side with Beauty, the new fragrance from Calvin Klein. A scent radiating an intense and rich luminosity with iridescent facets and a memorable trail.

A modern floral expression of the neo-lily lies at the heart of this fragrance, with soft and spicy mid-notes and vibrant cedarwood base notes.

CK Beauty 2pc Mini Gift Set
Consists :
~ CK Beauty Perfume Roll-On 3ml
~ CK Beauty Luminous Skin Lotion 30ml
~ Exclusive Gold Shining Gift Box
Worth : RM99.00

1x Sold to Nora. Perak
1x Sold to Harizah, KL

Under pre-order, delivery maks 7days & while stock last with our supplier.

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Face Candy Couture Eyeshadows

Was that not the shortest weekend in history? Honestly it feels like I only left work 5 minutes ago and I’m back in tomorrow. Grrr! I’ve been enjoying my usual Sunday evening pampering session (currently tapping away wearing a chocolate face mask and intensive conditioner)

Recently I was contacted by the lovely Shantle who created the Face Candy Couture eyeshadow range. Her company is just starting out and she asked if I would try a few products and let you know what I think so here goes…

Over the last week I’ve worn all 6 colours I received (sometimes combining 3 colours in 1 look) and I’ve got compliments every single time I’ve worn them. Gotta be a good sign, eh? :)

Carribbean Dream, Lavender Fields and Smurfette

Each pot comes with 1.2 grams of powder and the jars have a little sifter so you can shake out what you need, making them much less messy to apply than some loose powders (Yep, that means you Dazzle Dusts!)

The little sifter on each jar - very handy indeed but I removed it from the jars so you can get a good look at the colours!

The powder is extremely finely milled so it’s easy to apply and blend; even though there’s quite a lot of glitter in some of them they’re still seriously smooth. I always use a primer when before I apply loose powders and I’ve found these to be so highly pigmented that the colour comes off on my lid exactly as it looks in the pot. Dunno about you but I often find you need to apply LOADS of product in order to make the colour come off as strongly as you’d like!

Pinky Star, Harvest Moon and Copper Bliss

To be honest I haven’t found a single fault with these so far – I love everything from the cute names to the beautiful shades and I shall be ordering a few more as Christmas pressies for my makeup obsessed friends

Did I mention you can get free samples from the website?

Oh oh oh!! Nearly forgot! I'm gonna be posting a giveaway so you can win some of these fantastic shadows so keep an eye out ♥

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Xmas Giveaway by All Made Up!

OMG!!! Awesome collection giveaway from All Made Up!
I have been eyeing on this Too Faced Pixie Pin-Ups eye collection, they're so pretty....ahhhhh I hope i could win this! gona stay calm and act cool, pardon for my craziness. :p

Click on this link for more info how to enter to win.

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carrie-ing capacity & W1L 004: Write one leaf about listening. Or write one leaf about being heard.

I love this dress, but I'm afraid that one day, I will wake up to find that I've worn it to death.

In other news, I think my closet has reached its carrying capacity for new items - not that I've bought much in the past few months, but I've found myself much more interested in... sartorial introspection than in looking at what other people are wearing, which actually surprises me because usually by this time of year I'm clamoring for SHINY NEW! I guess it has to do with wanting the 90s back (and already having it packed away in boxes somewhere).

This isn't news, but Carrie is awesome.

Dress: thrifted and hemmed. (Chopped and screwed.) Thermal: department store. Tights: generic. Payless: Oxfords.

W1L 004: Write one leaf about listening. Or write one leaf about being heard.

This is a lightly edited version of the original response I wrote for this prompt.

When I was in high school, all I wanted was to be heard. Listen to what I have to say! Take me seriously! I’m going to talk over you so I can get my point across! And I wanted to be heard in every way. I’d go into my closet every night and pick out clothes that said Look at me! Look at how fearless I am! Look at how impossible I am to copy! And I would wear ugly clothes that nobody else my age would ever consider wearing, because nobody else my age would ever consider wearing them. Thank God for drama classes.

High school drama classes are full of those kids who are all shouting LOOK AT ME! I’M SPECIAL! I’M AWESOME! And in a room full of shouting kids, I found that I had to shout really loudly to be heard.


So I tried to Shout! on paper, in words, occasionally with capslock, as a playwright, all over the giant stage my amateur theater group managed to rent every summer. And it wasn’t enough. So I tried to Shout! online by blogging, broadcasting my incomparably important message to those still ignorant of my greatness – the millions of internet users who hadn’t and never would read my blog. And it wasn’t enough. So I yelled at my mom, which was dumb, because she has perfectly good hearing, and she yelled at me for yelling, which wasn’t really what I wanted. So I tried to make my transcript look like it was shouting. My counselor said that they couldn’t print special copies with capslock just for my college applications, so I aimed for getting lots of A’s to SHOUT! for me, since A’s are louder than B’s, C’s, and D’s (too curvy and soft), and F’s are loud, but in a bad way, like a drunken, slightly racist relative at Thanksgiving.

In the end, my transcript yelled loudly enough for me to get into all the not-particularly-ambitious schools I applied for, including UCLA (always shouting, desperate for attention) and UC Berkeley (who obviously wants to shout but has enough self-control that it has grown out of its childish tendency and tapered off into a dignified lowercase).

But now I’m in college, my transcript doesn’t know why it is yelling anymore, the roomful of yelling people are still yelling, but for whose benefit, I don’t know, the people who are already listening don’t need to be yelled at, and my loudest clothes are too too small to fit over my big head.

Maybe I am tired of yelling. Or maybe I just need to find somewhere else to Shout!
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Birthday Giveaway from The Makeup Drawer

The prize is huge!!!! Enter now if you don't want to miss this giveaway!
Click The Makeup Drawer for more info!
The giveaway ends on December 20th at 11:59 PM PST

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rained (preposition)

The day I wore this, I was rained in. Rained on. Rained under. Rained up. It's gettin' rained up in here. Rained against. Ow. That sounds painful. Today, I was rained toward, but I had an umbrella.

Trench coat: Foxrun, hand-me-down. Pashmina: street vendor. Dress: mother's. Galoshes: Hunter.
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*New* Boss Orange by Hugo Boss Edt

100% Authentic, brand new with box. Sealed like retail counter selling.

In July 2009, the house of Hugo Boss will launch a new fragrance Boss Orange, which will be presented by famous actress Sienna Rose Miller. The new fragrance arrives in a very interesting and modern orange flacon.

Top notes describe strong personality of a woman, her enthusiasm and energy. Notes of sweet apple reveal the first, delicate taste of feminine passions, adding a floral, soft and charming heart. White flowers, which are tame and gentle, are mixed with orange blossom, giving an optimistic impression. A base includes sandalwood, olive wood and creamy vanilla, which make the finish very characteristic, passionate and warm.

The flacon is very modern; it combines elements of metal and glass (orange glass stones). 7 identical, symbolic stones cut light and characterize 7 chakras, deeper spiritual dimensions. Stream of energy through human body is symbolically presented with design of the new Boss flacon.

The new fragrance Hugo Boss - Boss Orange is available as 30, 50 and 75ml EDT.

Read A Review : HERE

Boss Orange by Hugo Boss Edt

~ 30ml Edt
Retail Price : RM158.00
Our Price : RM135.00

~ 50ml Edt
Retail Price : RM207.00
Our Price : RM158.00

~ 75ml Edt
Retail Price : RM280.00
Our Price : RM185.00

Under pre-order, delivery maks 7days & while stock last with our supplier.
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