progress report: cable knit

I attempted to pincurl my hair again, but evidently, it's too long to be really curly rather than wavy now. For which I am thankful but about which I am somewhat vexed. In any event, this is a pretty boring outfit, but there's nothing like feeling like you're floating around in a cloud of your own hair to make you feel cute. I love having straight hair for about the first day and a half after I wash it, when it's swingy and reminds me of rain pouring down in sheets, or when I pull off my hat and my baby hairs are having a tussle around my part, but damn, I wish I could last longer without greasing up so fast. (That's why I curl my hair sometimes. Works like a charm. Like Wingardium Leviosa. Which is a charm. Unlike Lumos, which is a spell.)

Here's a progress report on my cable-knit scarf:

Jacket: gift. Mittens: J. Crew, gift. Jeggings: Forever21. Socks: HotSox. Black and white oxford: Miz Mooz.
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