This is totally illegal, isn't it?

Whatever, here's "When Will My Life Begin?" from Tangled (and the reprises). I don't know why, but I LOVE these. Probably because they showed a Pantene commercial in the previews and then I proceeded to forget that this was a musical movie. I hate to think what kind of anti-feminist implications the storyline has, what with the whole virginal maiden being shown the world by a dashing young man thing, but I mean, Rapunzel's definitely got her own thing going on and DAMMIT I WAS TOTALLY ROOTING FOR HER.

...Yeah, Toy Story 3 didn't really do this for me. I don't get it. It's probably because I hope that one day when I walk out my door, a stranger will tip his hat at me, a small orchestra will begin to play, I will break into song, and everyone I pass will participate in a choreographed dance routine. (And that's when my life begins.)

(Actually it's probably because I like seeing depictions of parent-child relationships.)

(I hope this video is still embeddable by tomorrow morning when this posts... since I'm off to watch HP7 tonight!!! AHHHHH!!!! Okay songs.)

Does she not just charm the pants off you?

Rapunzel makes me wish I could braid flowers in my long, flowing, magical blond hair, but since my hair is none of those things, I'd be happy with some flower crowns and clips...

Or maybe something more festive to be seasonally appropriate:

Above, Crowning Glory by danrae, $16.50 on etsy
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