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Hello all you lovely people! Having a nice week so far? Mine hasn’t been too bad but I’m debating whether or not it’s a good idea to go to the cinema with my ex tomorrow night. Do you ever wish you had someone to make all your difficult decisions for you? Especially if they knew in advance what to do for the best! :)

So, onto more important things!... I’d really like this to be a blog where you can get involved and ask/answer peoples questions because I reckon I’ve got far more awesome beauty tips and advice from my fellow bloggers than anywhere else! Also, if you have any questions for me I’ll always do my very best to answer them, which is why I wanted to do a review on a Max Factor foundation as Rentu asked what they’re like for oily skin

I’ve tried quite a few of the Max Factor foundations and my top 3 for oily skin would definitely have to be;

3rd place – Miracle Touch Liquid Illusion Foundation
2nd place – Seamless Make-Up
1st place – Second Skin Foundation

Although I really like them all I’m only gonna review Second Skin Foundation cos I genuinely think you could buy this and use it all year round regardless of your skin type. Obviously everyones skin is totally different and what works for me might be a complete disaster for you and vise versa but I definitely recommend giving this a try in your local beauty store to see what you think – hopefully it’ll impress you as much as me! :)

Firstly my one and only gripe with this is over the price – to me £12.99 really isn’t cheap for a drugstore product!

The bottle comes with a pump dispenser which always pleases me. For a liquid foundation the texture is actually quite thick and creamy, you’ll find a little goes a long way so the 30ml bottle lasts ages. The smell is quite pleasant and mild so I don’t imagine anyone would find it offputting

When it comes to application this glides on so easily that it’s almost impossible to get it wrong. I’ve used my fingers, makeup sponges and foundation brushes (my personal favourite method) to apply this and it has ended up looking blended, flawless and completely natural every time. I’ve found that this manages to smooth out my skin without feeling heavy or cakey. Though I should mention that it separates in the bottle so it’s a good idea to give it a shake before each use
My t-zone was seriously oily for a few months over the summer but I found that using this with a primer – usually Photo Finish by Smashbox or L’Oreals anti-shine mattifying primer – was enough to ensure it lasted all day without “melting off.” If I happened to have an unpleasant sheen by the late afternoon then a little dusting of Rimmels Stay Matte pressed powder really did the trick :)
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