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Good evening all! Or should that be good morning? It’s after 2am but I can’t sleep so figured I’d pop on, do a little review then make some tea and head back to bed. Had such a lovely day off cos it was extremely lazy! Went to the cinema to see Let Me In, which wasn’t bad at all and although it’s not gonna make it into my top 10 movies list it was definitely worth watching :)

Anywho, the preposterously generous people at Burts Bees sent me some lip balms to review so I’ve been using them for about a week and figured I’d give my two cents worth

I should mention that I’m extremely fussy when it comes to lip products – ever since getting braces just over a year ago my lips have been much drier and more susceptible to becoming cracked and chapped than ever before so I need something that’s incredibly moisturising and long lasting, which is why I generally opt for Vaseline (is there anything that stuff can’t do?!)
Beeswax Lip Balm

Firstly we have the little pot of Beeswax lip balm which comes in a rather cute teensy metal tin. I read through the ingredients list before I opened it and knew there was peppermint so expected that nice menthol scent but it was much stronger and sweeter that I’d anticipated – It actually smells exactly like the centre of After Eights! It’s nice to apply and leaves my lips all tingly; thanks to the smell it takes some serious willpower not to just lick it off immediately!

I’ve been putting a layer of this on before bed and my lips have been soft and smooth in the morning. The texture is lovely because it’s slightly creamy but not too sticky or waxy so it doesn’t feel uncomfortable on the lips

Would I use this again? Definitely

Secondly we have the traditional "twist stick" balms and as I general rule I'm not too keen on this style of product. No particular reason or anything, just not my cup of Earl Grey. So I found it surprising that out of all the products the Replenishing lip balm with pomegranate oil was my favourite. It’s the one that looks bright red in the pics but it actually just gives the most gorgeous subtle rosy sheen to the lips when it’s applied. I love any goodies that are really beneficial but manage to look gorgeous too!

Nourishing lip balm with mango butter
Replenishing lip balm with pomegranate oil
Honey lip balm

I was wearing this yesterday morning and when Adryen leaned in to kiss me he said my lips smelled like a Push Pop. I was addicted to Push Pops when I was about 12 (they really should start selling them again!) so I thought that was quite a compliment :)

The texture is really nice because you don’t need a big thick sticky layer to feel like your lips are being moisturised! The thing that impressed me most about the balms was when I wore them to work and went to get a cup of tea at about half 11 I licked my lips expecting most of the product to have rubbed off by that time (I spend most of my day chattering away which plays havoc with any lip products) but there was still a nice slick coat of this

Would I use these again? Yep. Already bought a honey lip balm to include in my sisters Christmas pressie cos it smells scrummy

P.S. Although Burts Bees sent me these goodies to review my opinions are completely honest. I don’t like porkies (just ask my ex :p)

Joy ♥

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