Best Of... Blogger Hallowen Costumes 2010!

My picks:

Bobby Raffin as a piñata, via his Lookbook, because this is DEDICATION. I mean, seriously, how did he use the bathroom?

Olga K as the Silent Hill nurse, via her Lookbook, because this is just freaking scary.

Keiko Lynn as Alice from Alice in Wonderland...

...and her boyfriend Bobby as the White Rabbit, because they're adorable. How can you not have a huge crush on Keiko Lynn's boyfriend. How. Look at that face.

Louise as Captain Hook! Because Disney villains never get old, and neither does the juxtaposition of red lipstick with mustaches.

Sally Jane Vintage as Melanie Daniels from Hitchcock's The Birds, because this is ingenious and well-executed.

And my personal favorite, Totally Tessa as a GARDEN GNOME, because this is so perfectly, comically unsexy.

Did I miss anyone? Other than the multiple Tavis...
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