Uniqlo Opening @ Fahrenheit 88, KL

Uniqlo grand opening at 11am, 4th November 2010! Yipeee! Been looking forward some new overseas outlet to reach our shore so we can shop shop shop! This new store will be the biggest outlet in South East Asia, it has 3 floor! My first Uniqlo clothes were given to be by my mom-in-law, cool eh? The material is superb and comfy.

What's so speical on the opening day?? The first 500 people who queue up at the door will stand a chance to win the golden ticket to win one of the five all-expense paid trip for two to Tokyo!! Not just that, the first 1000 people in line will get a free original Uniqlo tote bag and also special discounts on certain items in the store. Sounds pretty exciting, me and my frens already planned to be there in the wee hours of the morning. This is the first time in my life that I got up so early to queue for something. Never done it for a concert or warehouse sale before.

We arrived around 5.30am, less than 60 people in the line.
This picture was taken at 6.49am.
I was at the front of 2nd line. The first line started on the left of the pic.
The arrangement of the queue was not organised at first, as the security guards were not very sure how the queue gonna be like, we moved around twice.

More people at 7.24am.

The queue extends to the entrance of the Fahrenheit 88.
Picture taken at 9.20am

Crazy long queue from the entrance to the inside of the mall.
Picture taken at 9.30am
An advantage to queue inside the mall is you get to enjoy the cooling air-conditioned. While we the ones came earlier will hav to stand under the sun and getting sweaty.

Media appeared around 10am -NHK, 8TV, Hitz fm, My fm....

This is the moment we're waiting for! Luckily, the organisers handed out Uniqlo win-a-trip-to-Tokyo card to the first 5oo people in line. Yipee I was the first 50 people. Wheeee! What I need to do is to fill up the details in the card, and then later submit a receipt of my puchase together with this card at the cashier counter. No minimum spend required.

(3rd frm left: UNIQLO's Chairman, President & CEO, Mr Tadashi Yanai at the opening ceremony. The guy in blue checks shirt, Calvin, he was the first guy who queued up at 10pm last night.Wow Hardcore Uniqlo fan?! The crowd was cheering and got excited when the doors of Uniqlo soon to be opened.

Skinny jeans only RM49.90 (usual price - RM99.90)

UNIQLO's Autumn/Winter 2010 Fleece jackets (Picture right)
for only RM49.90 (usual price - RM79.90)
Came with different designs and colors too.
The white sheep skin look-alike jacket is non-promotional item (picture left)

When I left at 1pm, the queue still long as ever.

My haul: A pack of leggings comes with 2 pairs at RM9.90 only. I get my frend to buy a black leggings, and me grey leggings, then we exchange a pair with each other. Mickey t-shirt at RM29.90 last piece!! Butterfly sleeve flowery print with hidden tweety bird RM29.90!

Lastly, a free Uniqlo tote bag. :)
Oh, forgot to mention that the customer service is superb!! They treat you like VIPs, each SA will stand right infront of each fitting rooms. It's very convenient and thoughful for them to assist that way, so we don't need to running in and out of the fitting room. But if you brought the wrong size of clothes, you can exchange them within 14 days with attached label.

Note: Promotional price will be up for a week. Bring along your printed vouchers, use one voucher for one transaction. Vouchers can be use for promotional items too. Each voucher is only valid for ONE MONTH from the date of issue. Only one voucher can be used per purchase.
(Information gathered from the cashiers, hope the info still valid unless they change their mind)
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