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I promised myself I wouldn’t spend more than absolutely necessary over the next few weeks cos I’m saving some pennies for Christmas pressies. Isn’t it incredible how you can completely convince yourself that you definitely need more candles and another gorgeous cream chunky knit scarf? (£8 from Primark, at that price it’d be rude not to)

Jelly Belly Strawberry Cheesecake candle. How cute is this?!

Yankee Candles for my bedroom(Cranberry Chutney and Kiwi Berries) I adore candles cos I think they make a room feel so cosy, and the fact that these ones smell fantastic is a bonus

Oh and I wanted to mention my Eyeko lip gloss cos I’d wanted one for ages so I was all chuffed when it arrived in the post a few days ago. I’ve been wearing it non stop to see what I think because I don’t like to go by first impressions...Unless we’re talking about the girl who works in my local coffee shop that is. I called in for a hot chocolate on my way to work this morning and whilst she was heating the milk she “subtly” stuck her hand under her t shirt, scratched her armpit and then sniffed her fingers! I felt queasy all the way to work. I cant see my first impression of her changing easily :)

But on a more pleasant note I’m loving the lip gloss! It’s one of those pink-with-a-hint-of-gold-shimmer glosses so it reflects the light beautifully and looks all shiny and pretty. I love the design on the packaging and the standard squeezy tube for easy application but the actual texture is nothing to write home about. It’s sticky enough to last a while and slick enough to feel comfortable but that’s about all.

Eyeko lip gloss in Portobello - awesomely pretty pink shade methinks

All gold n shiny when it catches the light!

One of the things I like best about this gloss is that it smells scrumptious! It’s sweet and kinda reminds me of cola cubes which has gotta be a good thing!

Anywho, I’m heading to a friends tomorrow night to watch some tv and eat some seriously unhealthy but totally delicious food so I probably wont get a chance to post anything (Booooo!!) Hope you have a fantastic Friday and enjoy your weekend :)

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