Review - The Body Shop Vitamin C goodies

Happy Sunday all! Hope you’ve had a stupendous weekend so far. Anyone manage to get any Christmas shopping done? I picked up a few odds n ends cos the shops are already starting to be too busy for my liking!

About a month ago I got the Vitamin C range from The Body Shop and mentioned that I’d do a review of the goodies once they had a chance to work their magic! So here goes...

Vitamin C Microdermabrasion

This is officially the best exfoliator I’ve bought all year and considering I’ve probably tried between 10 and 12 I reckon that’s pretty good going! I’ve been using this twice a week since the 20th of October and I’m newly impressed by it every time I do

It has a nice subtle citrus scent which is fresh and clean but not overpowering. When I felt the texture I was worried that it would be waaay to abrasive on my skin cos the little beads are incredibly small and sharp (reminds me of the No7 Microdermabrasion exfoliator) but thanks to the liquid being so rich and creamy it sloughed of all my yucky dead skin and left me feeling nourished and smooth as a babies bottom!

I love using this all over my face and neck before adding a hydrating face mask for a few mins. My skin is always glowing afterwards and the best bit is that my makeup goes on super smoothly and easily the next day

The price isn’t too bad either - £10 for 75mls and I reckon this will last for months

Eye Reviver Duo

This was a whole load of nothing. It’s supposed to revive and refresh dull skin around the eyes and for me... well, it just didn’t. One of the ends comes with a wand applicator to apply cream and the other is one of those little roller balls that seem seriously popular these days

The cream was totally average and I wouldn’t bother applying it every day because I just didn’t see any improvement. As for the roller ball – well it made me look more awake but that was only thanks to how bloody cold that little metal ball is! That’s £10 down the drain in my opinion :(

Facial Radiance Powder Mix

I’d never come across a product this like before so absolutely had to give it a try! It’s a serum that comes with a little pocket of powder in the lid of the bottle which you combine to create a 5% vitamin C concentration. I wasn’t expecting much from this because I figured it was one of those gimmicky items that never really do what they’re s’posed to so I was pleasantly surprised when I saw real improvement in my skin!

Once the powder and serum are combined this has to be used within 10 days – I used it religiously every morning and evening before applying my usual moisturiser and my skin was definitely brighter, clearer, smoother and my pores weren’t as noticeable. Not bad, eh?

As you can see there was still about half a bottle left after 10 days

My only complaint is that it costs £12 but I used less that half the product over the 10 day period. Unless you have a head the size of a beach ball I cant see anyone getting through an entire bottle of this so I wish they’d sell half the amount for £6. That way I could afford to use it every month or so!

Would I buy this again? Already have :)

Thanks for stopping by and enjoy the rest of your weekend ♥

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